An Encounter with The Lonely Island

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The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island

On May 31, 2013, The Lonely Island promoted their latest CD, “The Wack Album” at the Apple Store in SoHo in Manhattan.  The Lonely Island are a comedy trio of ex-Saturday Night Live cast/writers whose videos have scored hundreds of millions of clicks on YouTube.  The guys were hilarious throughout the hour long presentation and my favorite part of the discussion was when they took questions from the audience.  One of the questions was “what was it like recording a song with Kristen Wiig?”  As Andy Samberg (pictured in the center) was a former Saturday Night Live cast-mate with Wiig, Samberg said “well, since we’ve known each other for many years and have worked together for that entire time, I said ‘you know how we’ve done over 500 skits together?  Would you like to do another one?’ and she said ‘yes.'”  Pretty funny.  Next to the band was a projected advert for the album with each member’s name.  Underneath their name was the word “musician.”  When the moderator asked if The Lonely Island had any final remarks, Samberg said “do you see how it says ‘musician’ under our names?  Well, that is FUCKING BULLSHIT!  The word ‘musician’ should be in quotes.”  Hilarious.  After the presentation, I met the “musicians” and they were all super nice.  You can see pictures after the jump.

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