Happy 80th Birthday, Angie Dickinson

Posted by The G on September 30, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

Autograph and photo courtesy of the G Archives.

Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson


Angie!  Annnngie!  I love Angie Dickinson.  I have met Angie Dickinson so many times and she is beyond nice.  One of my fondest memories of Angie Dickinson was when she’d interact with a friend of mine who knew her.  She’d always say to him “are you going to see my new movie?” and he’d always reply in complete dead pan “The last movie I saw in the theater was ‘Birth of a Nation.’”  You’ll have to look up that reference if you don’t know it.  You can take my word for it that thinking about those conversations still makes me smile.  Happy birthday Angie!

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