All-Star Door

Posted by The G on August 1, 2010 under Street Art | 5 Comments to Read

Photo by G.  Art by KingMe, Beau, Elbow Toe and Jim Joe.

Left Panel - King Me. Center Panel (Top) "A Lifetime of Distorted Judgements" - Elbow Toe. (Bottom) Beau

This doorway should be in a museum!  It’s got work on it by 4 of the hottest street artists on the scene right now:  KingMe, Elbow Toe, Beau and Jim Joe.  The bummer with street art is that it’s only visible for a limited time, but luckily for all of us, I was there to preserve this All-Star door for posterity.  I’m really loving Beau’s tributes to Picasso and Dali that are starting to show up around the city.

On the right panel: "Anytime Anywhere" by Jim Joe

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