Pictureplane live at the Fillmore East

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Travis Egedy - Pictureplane

On April 14, 2010, Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane took the stage to warm up the rowdy sold-out crowd for Crystal Castles at the Fillmore East in New York.  His music can be described as “dark synth pop.”  His stage show can be described as a deleted scene from “Eyes Wide Shut.”  After the first song, a woman in a white dress (later identified as “the librarian”) walked out on stage and started thumbing through a book.  She then started writing on some of the pages, tore them out, and threw them into the crowd.  Perhaps the ecstasy was kicking in by this point because the people in the front were clamoring to grab them as if they were unreleased pages of the manuscript from the “Twilight” series!

The Librarian on stage with Pictureplay.

To make things even more bizarre, another man (later identified as “the alchemist”) walked out onto the stage and started emptying out bottles of baby powder on the stage and then took a whip and started whipping the baby powder into the air.  The next thing you knew, the entire room was engulfed in a cloud of baby powder.  The audience didn’t quite know how to react. As this was my first time seeing Pictureplane, I wasn’t sure if I should be enjoying myself or trying to figure out a way to send him my dry-cleaning bill.  After several minutes of this, the crowd was no longer amused.  When Pictureplane announced he was leaving the stage, thunderous applause were heard in the Fillmore East.  When the lights came back on, an obviously irritated road crew cleaned up the mess.

The Alchemist on the far right. Baby powder gives this photo a "rain effect."

Crystal Castles live at the Fillmore East

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Alice Glass of Crystal Castles.

There are pros and cons to walking into a concert literally knowing nothing about what you are in for.  On the plus side, by having an open mind, you are free to let the band do their job – turn a complete stranger into a fan by the end of the night.  On the negative side, it could be concert amateur night where people under the age of 21 have found fake IDs and want to prove how hip and cool they are by getting totally drunk and pushing and shoving.  The Crystal Castles show at the Fillmore East in New York on April 14, 2010 was a bit of both experiences for me.  The experimental electronic outfit from Toronto made great usage out of strobe lights and lead singer Alice Glass’ stage presence was a bit of Courtney Love meets Jim Morrison.  It was a bit hard for me to focus on the lyrics as each song she played became a struggle for survival (and I was standing in the front row).  As the show began, I was in the front – center stage.  As the crowd got more rowdy, I ended up on the very left hand side of the stage.  Before the night was over, I witnessed Alice Glass falling down on the stage, crowd surfing and dancing like this was her last night on earth.  I also witnessed a audience member grab my belt so as not to get swallowed up whole by the crowd.  As I left the show, I noticed that my pants were falling off and my belt was broken into two pieces!  Regardless, a good time was had by all – though I’ll venture to guess that a vast majority of the crowd are extremely hungover and late for class today.  If anyone has the set list, please post in the comments section.  And drink lots of water and take Advil.

Thank you for crowd surfing!

See more pictures of Crystal Castles (that I risked life and limb to provide to you, my dear readers), after a word from our sponsor.

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