10 Reasons Why Muse is one of the Best Bands Ever

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I’ve seen Muse in concert many times before and they never disappoint.  On their second of 2 sold out nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden, despite feeling very under the weather, Muse did their jobs as rockstars and for two hours catapulted me into another time and space!   Here are 10 reasons Muse are one of the best band ever.

1. Non-stop stage action for two solid hours.  This came in the form of great visuals, flashing lights and lead singer Matt Bellamy running all over the stage.

2. Great songs that rock.  I mean, holy shit!  Their songs rock.  To see a stadium of people singing in unison to a Muse song instead of your typical stadium fare is awesome!  People play it safe too often.  Way too often.

3. They change the setlist up.  Seeing them two nights in a row, I think I had more fun the second night!  The energy was so much better and people were really getting loose.  Speaking of setlist, they have good pacing too.  They have so many songs that could be the encore because they are so epic, but they are peppered in throughout the set because they have so many great tracks to choose from.

Matthew Bellamy of Muse

Matthew Bellamy of Muse

4.  Ticket prices were not horribly expensive (considering).  I understand that so many rockers need to build another wing on their mansion, but why make the fans pay for it?!   The cost of tickets to both nights was cheaper than 1 night of Fleetwood Mac!  I blame Stevie for that!

5.  Matthew Bellamy is a guitar god.  On his knees, he performed the Star Spangled Banner on guitar!  And rocked the shit out of it!

6. Their lyrics have something to say but are not overtly preachy.  I like a band who may make you investigate something you may not previously thought of.  I’ve said this a lot before, and I will say it again, their song “Uprising” should be the world’s national anthem!  I used to enjoy that so much with Prince, because his lyrics made you curious to investigate spirituality, unfortunately, now his lyrics are like a sermon of why you are going to hell.  Ugh!



7. Great use of covers.  They did a snatch of The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun” and on the second night, they did their cover of “Feeling Good,” which definitely adds something to the original – some rock and roll!  Plus, what great lyrics to hear a room of 20,000 people sing.  It’s a new dawn/It’s a new day/and I’m feeling good!

8. Great stage set up.  I briefly touched on it above, but it’s worth repeating.  Every song found the stage transforming into something different and the lights and visuals were super cool.  I think if you were a non-Muse fan and just watched the visuals, you’d be hard pressed not to be very impressed.

9. The band is nice to fans.  A lot of people most likely have not met them, and maybe they don’t find it important.  But I do.  If a person preaches love and peace and then behind the scenes they are a prick (like Madonna, Prince just to name two brief examples), that taints my experience.  I’ve met the band on several occasions and they have no problem being cool to fans.

Matthew Bellamy of Muse and Geoffrey Dicker

Matthew Bellamy of Muse and Geoffrey Dicker

10. If you walked into the Muse show with zero knowledge of their music and you witnessed the things I’ve mentioned above, unless you are just a bitter and angry person, you would have found at least one of these qualities rocking your world and these days, that’s all you can ask for!



The set list on April 15, 2013 was: The 2nd Law: Isolated System / Supremacy / Map of the Problematique / Supermassive Black Hole / Resistance / Star Spangled Banner (on guitar) / Panic Station / Knights of Cydonia / Monty Jam / Explorers / Follow Me / United States of Eurasia / Liquid State / Madness / Time Is Running Out / Undisclosed Desires / Stockholm Syndrome / The 2nd Law: Unsustainable / Uprising.  Encore: Starlight / Survival

The setlist on April 16, 2013 was: The 2nd Law: Isolated System / Supremacy /Panic Station / Supermassive Black Hole / Plug In Baby / Resistance / Star Spangled Banner (on guitar) /Hysteria / Knights of Cydonia / Feeling Good / Follow Me / Sunburn / Liquid State / Madness / Time Is Running Out (with “House of the Rising Sun” intro) / Undisclosed Desires / Dead Star /  The 2nd Law: Unsustainable / Uprising.  Encore: Starlight / Survival

Video: “Supremacy” live by Muse

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On April 15, 2013, Muse kicked off their two night stand at Madison Square Garden in New York.  Muse always puts on a good show and as far as their set goes, this might be their best tour yet.  They went on just around 9:05 pm and played for 2 hours.  The first song of the night was “Supremacy” and it went a little something like this…


Janet Jackson LA Book Signing – Today!

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Janet Jackson

Los Angeles!  Call in sick today (and get in line now)!  Janet Jackson will be signing copies of her book “True You” at Book Soup on Sunset today (across from the former Tower Records).  The signing starts at 3 PM local time.  Is Janet here?!

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