Must See Art: “Arcane Archetypes” by Beau Stanton at Last Rites Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Beau Stanton.

The Wheel of Fortune by Beau Stanton

The Wheel of Fortune by Beau Stanton

Experiencing the work of Beau Stanton in person is a must!  In his latest exhibit “Arcane Archetypes” at Last Rites Gallery in New York, my fellow Southern California native, Beau Stanton is exhibiting 10 new paintings that will bend your mind and take your senses on a trip.

Beau Stanton at "Arcane Archetypes"

Beau Stanton at “Arcane Archetypes”

“Arcane Archetypes” centers on the Major Arcana of the Tarot and for those unfamiliar with the Tarot, seeing these paintings will make you want to become an expert.  Every work has so much detail that you will find yourself discovering something new each time you look at the paintings.  Go see this exhibit!!!

Beau Stanton - Arcane Archetypes

Beau Stanton – Arcane Archetypes

“Arcane Archetypes” by Beau Stanton is showing at Last Rites Gallery (located at 511 West 33rd Street) in New York through August 10, 2013.

The World by Beau Stanton

The World by Beau Stanton

In the adjacent gallery, you can also see “(A) Part” by Matt Buck.  Bonus!!!

Matt Buck - (A) Part

Matt Buck – (A) Part

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