Video: Marina Abramovic Talks “Are Films Art?”

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HD Video by G.

The artist was present on April 1, 2013 at the IFC center in New York as artist Marina Abramovic was on hand to talk about one of her favorite films, “The Color Of Pomegranates” (1968) directed by Sergei Parajanov.  In the discussion, Marina talked about David Lynch, if movies are art (which you will see below) and she also talked about how the United States feels the need to categorize everything.  For example, rather than discuss the works of art in a museum, this country will say “x number of pieces are made by women, x number are made by men and so on.”   We are of the same mind when she said that the most important thing and the only thing that should be mentioned is the art itself.  Amen, Marina!

Marina Abramovic and Geoffrey Dicker

Marina Abramovic and Geoffrey Dicker

Great chatting with you Marina and I loved hearing your thoughts!

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