Support Art In Space. Inbred Hybrid Collective Needs Your Help

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Photo courtesy of Inbred Hybrid Collective.

"Support Art In Space." - Inbred Hybrid Collective

Inbred Hybrid Collective have launched their most ambitious project to date:  To be the first performance artists in space!  Yes… in space!

There is a fund raising effort on  All money earned will be used to secure a seat on Virgin Galactic.


Isn’t it time we had ART in SPACE?

Become a part of history and learn more about this exciting project here.

Here’s what the Inbred Hybrid Collective have to say about this project:

Combining the best soundbites from Science Fiction with choreography dictated by the specific experiences of a civilian space voyage, Inbred Hybrid Collective will boldly go where no artist has gone before. Using a lifetime of experiences tailored to this event, including classical ballet training, vocal and speech lessons, and countless hours immersed in the worlds of Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, HR Giger, Jules Verne (to name but a few), a zero gravity manned flight will become an expression of the finest pursuits of the human mind: creativity and experimentation. With the fruition of this dream, the final frontier will provide one small dance step for man, and one giant leap for artist-kind. It is the earnest hope of Inbred Hybrid Collective that the realization of this endeavor will inspire future generations of young artists to continue reaching for the stars in both a literal and a metaphorical sense, and to never stop turning the advantages afforded by science into an ever-expanding canvas of opportunity.

Inbred Hybrid Collective was established in 2005. Their mandate is to stimulate a consciousness of the external factors affecting our human existence. The type of interventions associated with Inbred Hybrid Collective, achieved as artistic concept, constitute a provocation for the public to reflect upon the influence that this immersion has had upon them.  Their work has appeared in venues as diverse as the Liverpool Independents Biennial (visual installation),Queens Museum of Art (sound art), Deitch Projects (film), Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin (conceptual), World of Wonder Gallery, Hollywood (video installation) and the Ontario Crafts Council (visual installation). In 2009 they made history as the first sanctioned performance artist invited to perform at the Armory Art Fair, but are not committed to any one medium in the exploration of a concept.

Pass it on and help Inbred Hybrid Collective realize their dream!

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