Retail Blu’s by BluDog10003… Coming Soon

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Photos by G.  Poster by BluDog10003.

Retail Blu's

Retail Blu’s by BluDog10003. Coming October 24, 2012.

NYC!  Save the date for “Retail Blu’s” featuring the art of BluDog10003.  The show will be held at the Michael Mut Gallery at 97 Avenue C in New York.  “Retail Blu’s” will run from October 24 – November 17, 2012.  Opening night reception will be on October 25, 2012.  Check out BluDog10003’s official website for more details.

Retail Blu's

Retail Blu’s

Grimes Dominates New York (Art Show and Concert Review)

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Photos by G.  Art by Claire Boucher aka Grimes.

Claire Boucher aka Grimes

Claire Boucher aka Grimes is on the verge of becoming a megastar!  She certainly has the talent and she showed off two sides of her craft in New York on March 23, 2012.  Kicking the night off, she had her first exhibition of her art called “Visuals” in New York at Audio Visual Arts (located at 34 East 1st Street). Original drawings that have ended up on her records were on display and though it’s hard to tell from these photos, there is A LOT going on in her illustrations.  If you want to see these works of art in person, the exhibit is only up for two days, so do not delay!



I spoke with Claire aka Grimes at her show and congratulated her on her success and on her big night in New York which not only featured her first art exhibition, but afterwards she performed TWO sold out shows at Mercury Lounge.  She joked that she was not feeling well, so while excited, she told me she expected to be in bed early.

Grimes at Mercury Lounge

Grimes at Mercury Lounge

A couple of hours later, Grimes headed down to Mercury Lounge, where I caught her early show.  Her music has great dance/pop beats and like all great artists, she incorporated trippy visuals to her show.  Opening act and fellow Canadians Born Gold helped Grimes out on the beats. Their set was a 40 minute dance party that was filled with chunky beats and an awesome light show and the lead singer wore a jacket that was wired with lights that lit up to the beat.  Once Grimes took the stage, the Mercury Lounge was on fire!  In between songs, the audience expressed their love for Grimes and she returned the love by playing an hour long set that was a non-stop dance party. She sampled herself to make backing vocals and she played the majority of her new album “Visions.”  I am sure you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more to come from Grimes as she’s only 24 years old and already has a pretty substantial body of work under her (very fashionable) belt.

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“It’s Time” by Robert Sagerman

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Photos by G.  Art by Robert Sagerman.

Robert Sagerman

"It's Time" by Robert Sagerman. Now showing at Thatcher Projects in Manhattan through February 11, 2012.

2012Feast your eyes on these amazing works by artist Robert Sagerman.  His latest exhibit “It’s Time” at Margaret Thatcher Projects in Manhattan is a treat for the senses.  Sagerman uses thickened oil paint, applied one stroke at a time with a palette knife, in soft peaks to a canvas over a period of time, creating a heavily textured surface saturated in color.  There are so many works on display and they are sure to blow your mind.


“It’s Time” by Robert Sagerman is on display at Margaret Thatcher Projects (located at 539 West 23rd Street) in Manhattan and will run through February 11, 2012.

“The Four Temperament Variations” by Thomas Woodruff

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Photos by G.  Art by Thomas Woodruff.

"The Four Temperament Variations" by Thomas Woodruff at PPOW in Chelsea. Now showing through February 4, 2012.

Full disclosure:  I am cutting and pasting these next two paragraphs from the press release because their words capture this amazing exhibit in the most succinct way possible. In Thomas Woodruff’s latest body of work, he tackles the four temperaments as well as the painterly figurative genres of portrait, still-life, landscape, and wild life in his variations. Using his highly cross-referenced pictorial mash-up of visual motifs, this series is a celebration of the emotional value of color, the storytelling potential of character and costuming, and a contemporary revision of the enigmatic mysteries of our collective past. He creates his own beasts, including the “quadicorn” and the “batterfly” and weaves threads from animae, steampunk, and body modification culture into these grand, fabulist images as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of art and fashion history.

The Four Temperaments Variations were inspired by the theories of Hippocrates, around 400 BC, when wise men believed everyone’s body and mind were controlled by four different, mysterious, colored fluids: Sanguinic, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. Imbalance or overabundance of the fluids would cause disease or pre-described behaviors. Treatment would usually involve bleeding, cupping, herbs, and emetics. During the Renaissance this theory was revised to include ideas of temperature. In the Age of Reason, aspects of physiognomy were brought into play, and today many pop psychologists and dating services still find the personality traits useful tools for getting along and finding love. “The Four Temperament Variations” by Thomas Woodruff is showing at PPOW in Chelsea (located at 535 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor) in Manhattan through February 4, 2012.


LA: Save The Date – “Layers” by Thank You X and Can’t Stop Goodboy

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Photo courtesy of X.

"Layers" Opening December 9, 2011 at Design Matters in Los Angeles

 Los Angeles!  I’m about to tell you about an art opening you won’t want to miss.  But don’t thank me, Thank You!  On December 9, 2011, Design Matters (located at 10590.5 West Pico Blvd) presents “Layers” featuring art from Thank You X and Can’t Stop Goodboy.

The opening will commence from 7-10 PM on December 9, 2011 and is by invitation only.  Get on the list by RSVP’ing to

If you attend, please send us pictures!

Thank You!


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