Dickchicken Leaves Free Art In NYC #artdrops

Posted by The G on August 4, 2011 under Street Art | Read the First Comment

Photos by G. Art by Dickchicken and Olek (you’ll figure out who is who).

Dick Chicken and Olek

Dickchicken and Olek

What a day I am having!  Earlier today, I got to interview a musical icon from the 1980s (stay tuned for that post – it’s going to be GREAT).  A few hours later, and a month to the day after street artist Dickchicken gave away cans of Dickchicken Noodle Soup on the streets of New York, he was back again giving away free art.  Dickchicken will be participating in Summer Invitational from the Jonathan LeVine Gallery (running August 10 – 27th, 2011) alongside another one of the According2g.com all-stars, the goddess of crochet, Olek!

Dickchicken announced via Twitter that he’d be doing a series of #artdrops throughout the Chelsea area, and for the faithful, such as myself, I was able to snag a very limited edition box of “Dickchicken McNuglets.”  If you are in the New York area and you missed this, you are obviously not following @dickchicken on Twitter.  You are also obviously not following @according2g on Twitter either because I took a picture and sent it to my followers – live on the scene.  Last but not least, you are also not following @hereandnow3 on Twitter because he also mentioned #artdrops.  Remedy that situation now and follow us.  Do you really want to miss my tweets where I share stories of meeting the biggest movie star in the world?  That’s certainly more interesting than people who retweet the same old shit and try and take credit for the idea, according2g.

Thanks again Dickchicken for making (and giving away) great art (twice in a month, no less!) and for giving great tweet!  Dickchicken will also be releasing a limited edition print on 1xRun later this month, so don’t miss it – it’s going to sell out fast.  Don’t worry, I’ll post a reminder because I am ninja like that.

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