Video: “Something” (Beatles Cover) Live and Acoustic by Atlas Genius

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HD Video by G.

On August 20, 2013 (a month to the day before my birthday), I was treated to an early present as I got to see the brothers Jeffery or Atlas Genius perform a very intimate acoustic set on the top of the Thompson LES Hotel!  The video you are about to see is dark, but what matters most is the sound, because this acoustic cover of “Something” by The Beatles is AWESOME!

Let me set the scene for you – it’s a gorgeous (though slightly warm) summer night in New York.  We’re on the 7th floor roof deck and in the background , we can see a breathtaking view with the Manhattan skyline.  Around 9 pm, Keith Jeffery, the lead singer of the band, performed for around 30 minutes playing tracks off Atlas Genius’ awesome debut CD “When It Was Now,” including “If So,” “Don’t Make A Scene,” “All These Girls,” “Trojans,” and “Something.”  As the set was acoustic, drummer Mike Jeffery got to relax and enjoy the gig from the crowd.  After it was over he said, “this was the easiest show I’ve ever played.” Ha!  Thanks again to Atlas Genius for a great night!  If you are new to discovering Atlas Genius’ music, head over to their website (link is above) and you can download a free mp3 (for a limited time) by signing up on their mailing list.  Do it!   And now, press play to enjoy “Something.”

An Encounter With Neon Hitch

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Neon Hitch and Geoffrey Dicker

Neon Hitch and Geoffrey Dicker

If Neon Hitch is not on your musical radar, you must fix that immediately.  The future queen of pop was super nice when I met her the other night.  Let’s hope she stays that way after she dethrones the ladies at the top of the game. I know I’m rooting for her!  Thanks again Neon!

Video: “Push It” live by Salt-N-Pepa

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My 6th grade fantasy has come true!  I got to see Salt-N-Pepa perform their classic song  “Push It” as they performed as part of Summerstage’s free concert series in Central Park on August 12, 2012.  Special thanks to Wil for the VIP backstage pass hookup!  This video is shot from the side of the stage and lots of excited Salt-N-Pepa fans were up in my grill, but you’ll get the gist, methinks!

You can see photos of the lovely and extremely cool Salt-N-Pepa after the jump.

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Hurricane Irene Blows!

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Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park in Manhattan

A hurricane is coming!  New York will be getting a much needed blow job this weekend as Hurricane Irene will be paying our island a visit beginning at 5 pm on Saturday, August 27 and will likely continue fucking shit up for over 24 hours.  All entertainment has been canceled for this weekend, the grocery store lines for provisions are out the door and the media is doing everything they can to scare the shit out of us.  If you can avoid going out this weekend, it’s advised but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so please be safe out there!  There’s always the off chance that the media is telling the truth.  All I know is that in the same week, New York will have experienced an earthquake and a hurricane.  Something is about to happen.  If this isn’t a HUGE sign that the planet is getting fed up with our human drama, then what is?!!


Video: “Somebody Told Me” (The Killers Cover) live by Tony Hadley

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HD Video by G.

The people have spoken and it is my pleasure to show you Tony Hadley, former lead singer of Spandau Ballet singing a cover of The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me,” live in New York on Tony’s first ever solo tour of the United States!


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