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Amy Winehouse - Lioness

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Out December 6, 2011.

When you listen to the collection of unreleased Amy Winehouse songs “Lioness: Hidden Treasures,” your heart will break all over again.  Amy Winehouse’s death was a real rock and roll tragedy and though she could not be on this planet physically, she’s left behind some amazing songs that showcase her great gift.  Opening with the epic reggae cover “Our Day Will Come,” you’ll see the song can stand up amongst her best tracks.  Again, my heart breaks all over for what a loss her death has left in the world.  “Between The Cheats” is next and it is apparently one of the post-Back to Black songs and her voice sounds a little rough.  Again, a great song, but you can hear in her voice that she could not handle this planet.  “Tears Dry” is the original version (with different lyrics) of “Tears Dry On Their Own.”  The song is much slower and it is really cool to hear the evolution of such a great song.  “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” is probably the most epic song on the album.  It sounds like a cross between the song “Back to Black” and a James Bond Theme!  She really breaths new life into this classic song.  Knowing Amy’s fate, the lyrics of the song are even more haunting, but the answer is an overwhelming YES!  “Like Smoke” features rapper Nas and has a great beat.  The 68 Version of “Valerie” is next.  This sounds similar to the way she performed the song in concert and it’s great to hear that it was recorded in the studio (and the vocals are different than the previously released versions!)  Her cover of “The Girl From Ipanema” is next and it’s another highlight of the record.  The song was recorded pre-Frank and her voice sounds angelic!  The music is loungey with jazzy drum and bass!  I love it!  “Half Time” starts off with just Amy and guitar and as she sings “when the beat kicks in” a laid back beat kicks in and the song has great groove! The original version of “Wake Up Alone” is next and it’s also much different than the released version.    “Best Friends, Right?” is next and it sounds like a Frank-era song.  “Body and Soul” is the last known studio recording and it also features the legendary Tony Bennett.  The final song is a cover of Leon Russell’s “A Song For You,” and it really is a powerful, but powerfully sad performance from Amy as you can almost hear the desperation in her voice.  She really gives the song a new feel to it.

This collection of songs will really upset you that such a great talent is gone, but at least she left so many amazing songs for the world to listen to for the rest of time.  “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” by Amy Winehouse is out on December 6, 2011 in the United States.

G’s Top Albums of the Decade (Part 2)

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G's top albums of the decade - Part 2.

G's top albums of the decade - Part 2.

Here’s the long awaited second installment of my favorite albums of the decade. It’s hard to see from the above picture, but I was fortunate enough to get 7 out of these 9 albums autographed (the two exceptions are Radiohead and MGMT), and I saw all of these bands/singers live on the tours promoting these albums.  Thanks universe!  Again, these are not in order because I love them all. Read more after the jump.

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