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George W. Bush. Over 2,000,000 layoffs served.

It’s no secret that the world is seriously going haywire these days.  Currencies are collapsing, more and more people are being laid off from their jobs, natural disasters are occurring more frequently and the information age is disconnecting people from reality and plunging them head first into mind-numbing oblivion with time wasters such as social networking sites, video games and endless TV stations that perpetually have nothing worth watching.  The corporate fat cats have gotten richer and richer while the middle class became extinct and now in most countries there are only two kinds of people: the very rich and the very poor.  Countries such as the United States have pretty much decided to outsource everything and have become a nation that only consumes without producing.  Politicians are elected into office by way of making promises but are rarely impeached if and when they are proven to be liars.  Do you know what your local officials are up to?  You have a right to know.  Your votes put these people in office and if you aren’t going to stand up for your best interests, you better believe they are not going to either.

The world cannot continue this way and I predict that in a period of less than 10 years, the following 4 things will happen:

The corporate world will collapse.  Everyone has figured out the “secret” of how to make a profit and so many innocent people have been exploited for decades to make corporate honchos rich at the expense of their souls.  People around the globe will soon figure out that the “peons” vastly out number those in command and will turn the tables.  I think the statistic I’ve heard recently is that 1% of the population control the other 99%!  The job market has been so bad in the last few years, the former middle class have just had to accept taking on more responsibilities for little or no pay increases or face losing their jobs.  As soon as everyone stands up to “the man” once and for all, you can say goodbye to the Corporatocracy that we live in currently. We outnumber them, we just need to speak up.

The banking system will collapse and money will be worth nothing.  People will soon come to realize that currency is literally just paper with fancy colors on it.  It can be printed on demand, yet almost every country in the world is in debt to another nation.  Does that make any sense?  Credit cards are a piece of plastic that represent an invisible sum of nothing whereby people can be in a position to never pay it back and still spend until their points balance is maxed out.  People get so stressed out over their debts but they fail to realize that these amounts were never real in the first place.   If you make $10 an hour and you get an offer in the mail that says “would you like $40,000 of  credit,”  you’d be a fool not to use it all up.  So why stress about it?  The credit card companies are setting a person up to fail just for profit.  Anyone ever heard of “do unto others as you want done unto you”?  Gold will probably be the only thing that is worth “currency” as it is a physical object that can’t just be conjured up out of thin air.  This seems to go in tandem with the corporate world collapsing.  With no incentive for “getting ahead,” why bother working for a bunch of assholes you can’t stand anyway?

Some sort of major catastrophe, the largest the world has ever seen, will occur.  Let’s face it, these days, everyone is massively stressed out about something – whether it’s money, joblessness, weight issues, deaths, disease, foreclosure, not being happy with your outer appearance, lack of boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.  Everyone and everything on this planet are all part of the same ONE.  Every negative thought, every negative action causes a ripple effect in the cosmos and it seems that we are building the tension and stress to an all time high.  We’ve been warring with other nations over the control of oil and guess who it really belongs to?  Mother Earth.  She is getting pretty tired of all of our petty human bullshit and she’s getting ready to put us in our place.  We can already see by trashing the planet, in the last 20 years, there’s been a major increase in natural disasters.

There will be a major global consciousness shift.  The three predictions above seem scary, but if you ask me, they are just common sense.  People can only stay in the dark for so long before they all arise from the darkness and see the light.  So many people predict that on Christmas Day, 2012, the world will come to an end.  It’s a possibility, but I think “the world as we know it” will come to a new beginning.  Perhaps on this day people of all religions will learn to respect that others might have different opinions and that is OK – we’re all renters on this planet so maybe we should just get along. If you lived in a studio apartment with a person you despised, it would be a helluva lot nicer to try and co-exist peacefully than be at war.  Multiply those feelings on a global scale.  Perhaps people will spend less time focusing on celebrity gossip and instead engage in human compassion with others around them. Turn off your TVs, unplug your computer and think about what really matters.  If you spend your life hanging outside the velvet ropes, how do you ever expect to get inside the party? Perhaps lots of people will not have to be obliterated from this planet in order for everyone to get along, but perhaps they will?  Perhaps globally, people will finally love thy neighbor as thyself.  I read that line in a book somewhere, so it must be true.  If we can’t find a way to do that after all these years, if we can’t learn from the mistakes of the past, we are truly the most ignorant species on the planet.

This is the time to question everything.  This is the time to make a stand.  Use your voice!  That’s why you were given one (create art or love if you can’t physically speak).  This planet is for everyone, not just for the select few who decide they want to make all the rules, according2g.

And you thought I just know a ton of stuff about art and music…


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