Video: “Tenderoni” “Song of Clay” and “Banquet” live by Bloc Party

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Kele Okereke of Bloc Party

Kele Okereke of Bloc Party

On August 8, 2012, Bloc Party played their second of 3 sold out shows at New York’s Terminal 5.  Changing the set list from the night before, the show which was streamed live on You Tube included classics like “Mercury” (coincidentally on the last night of Mercury being in retrograde), “Positive Tension,” “Like Eating Glass,” “Flux,” “Ares,” “This Modern Love” and “Helicopter.”  Bloc Party has a new record coming out in a few days called “Four” and they  played five songs from it (“Octopus,” the show opener “So He Begins to Lie,” “Kettling,” “Truth,” and “Real Talk”).  The show was definitely one of best I’ve seen in 2012.  It started off with a great opening set by The Drums, who seem to drastically change personnel every time I see them.  Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele is so soft spoken if you get the opportunity to talk with him in real life and when he takes the stage, he’s just a monster of energy.

I love Kele’s solo album “The Boxer,” and in fact, I discovered his solo music before I became a fan of Bloc Party (yeah, I know, I did it backwards!).  I was pleasnatly surprised that Kele performed a bit of the solo track “Tenderoni” before launching into the classics “Song of Clay” and “Banquet” and as you will see in the video below, the moshing crowd LOVED IT and Kele and Bloc Party kicked so much ass!  Bloc Party finishes off their trio of sold out shows at Terminal 5 tonight (August 9, 2012).  Don’t miss it!


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