Video: “Congratulations” live by MGMT at Barclays Center

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HD Video by G.

Congratulations!  By seeing this post, you’ve stumbled onto a blog that in 5 short years has written over 6,500 posts primarily about art, music and celebrities and other miscellaneous things I’ve experienced in person.  Every post features world exclusive photos. What a concept!!!  If you can find another site on the net that has these types of characteristics, please put me in touch with them.  I’m always looking for people who inspire me.  The sites I tend to see on the internet tend to be people who have no opinion of their own to voice until they receive a press release which they can straight up regurgitate.  I find that very sad and uninspiring.

In the meanwhile, here’s a video I took of the all mighty MGMT performing the brilliant track “Congratulations” live at Barclays Center on December 13, 2013.


Video: “Terrible Lie” live by Nine Inch Nails at Barclays Center

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HD Video by G.

On October 14, 2013 the mighty Nine Inch Nails played to a somewhat packed house at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Hitting the stage at 8:45 pm, Trent Reznor and company played for a solid two hours playing tracks that spanned NIN’s catalog from “Head Like A Hole” to songs like “Copy of A” from their latest record “Hesitation Marks.”  Criminally, “Closer” and “Only,” two of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs were absent from the set list, but the light show that accompanied every song more than made up for the set list omissions.  As the show went on, each track had more intricate lighting and at times, it felt like you were flying.

I would like to point out that from my seat, I probably sat near one of the best behaved crowds I’ve ever experienced at a concert, which is strange as you would expect lots of craziness at a NIN show.   I guess it just goes to show you should never judge a band by their fans.  If you remotely like any songs by Nine Inch Nails, you should definitely catch them in concert as you will witness a sound and visual extravaganza.  The show nearly gives Pet Shop Boys a run for their money in terms of insane visuals, but I still think the Boys win the prize for the most visually stunning concert of 2013.  Nine Inch Nails are a close second though.

Below, you can see a video of their classic “Terrible Lie.”  Posting this video is so awesome for me because when NIN were a new act, I could honestly say “it was not my kind of music.”  I’ve grown a lot since then and have really opened my mind in hopes to experience as much as possible and judging from the photos I post on this site, I have succeeded.   Apologies if the video gets blurry at times.  The lighting occasionally made my camera freak out.   That is not a terrible lie.  This is….

Press play.

The setlist was:

Copy of A / 1,000,000 / Terrible Lie / March of the Pigs / Piggy / All Time Low / Disappointed / Came Back Haunted / Find My Way / The Frail / The Wretched / Satellite / In Two / Survivalism / Running / A Warm Place / Somewhat Damaged / Wish / Burn / The Hand That Feeds / Head Like A Hole


The Day The World Went Away / Even Deeper / While I’m Still Here / Black Noise / Hurt

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