“The Poetry of Silence” by Mark Kostabi at Martin Lawrence Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Mark Kostabi.

Twister Sister by Mark Kostabi

Twister Sister by Mark Kostabi

New York!  Make sure you head over to Martin Lawrence Galleries in SoHo to check out a new exhibit of works by Mark Kostabi entitled “The Poetry of Silence.”  There is always so much going on in Kostabi’s works, you will find yourself discovering subtleties in his works which dramatically change the meanings of the painitings.  For example, in the work above, the lady appears to be playing a game of Twister, but in fact, the board is a spot painting by Damien Hirst.  It could make for a pretty expensive game!

Art by Mark Kostabi

Art by Mark Kostabi

Mark Kostabi’s art career has endured several decades and in fact he is more successful now than ever!  An accomplished artist, he is also a musician and at the opening night reception for this exhibit, he treated us to a mini-concert with a 3-piece jazz band!

Mark Kostabi (seated at the keyboard)

Mark Kostabi (seated at the keyboard)

If the breadth of Kostabi’s talent fascinates you, you will be blown away that there are dozens of coffee table books featuring his art and his life is also the subject of several documentaries.  He is also one of the only people on the planet who can show with proof that he has a photo with (and in the same shot, no less) with Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat!  Whoa!

Mark Kostabi 2014

Mark Kostabi posing in front of his epic photo with Warhol and Basquiat!

In Arm's Reach


If you are not already super-impressed, Kostabi also hosts a game show at his studio Kostabi World in Manhattan where contestants compete for cash prizes to name his paintings.

Mark Kostabi 2014

Mark Kostabi 2014

From my experiences in the art world, I can say without a doubt that Kostabi ranks at the top of the list as a person you want to get to know.   Not only has Kostabi “made it,” so to speak, but he has done so on his own terms and he is and extremely nice and generous to those in his inner circle.  According to G, those are his greatest accomplishments because very few artists can honestly say the same thing.  Well done, Mark!

Mark Kostabi 2014

Mark Kostabi 2014

Get to know Mark Kostabi at his exhibit “The Poetry of Silence” which is showing at Martin Lawrence Gallery (located at 457 West Broadway) in New York through the end of June 2014.

The Door by Screwtape

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Photo by G.  Art by Screwtape.

The Door by Screwtape

The Door by Screwtape

This cool work of art by Screwtape which immortalizes both Jim Morrison and Basquiat can bee seen at Lab Art in Los Angeles, located at 217 S. La Brea.

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Mural of the Day

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Photo by G.  Art by Camobuddaluvsu.

Camobuddaluvsu on Elizabeth Street

See this before vandals get to it!  It’s on Elizabeth Street in New York on your way to the Christopher Henry Gallery to go see Olek’s exhibit “Knitting for Pus***”  🙂

Robert Mapplethorpe, Basquiat at Robert Miller Gallery

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Photos of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos by G.

Robert Mapplethorpe Photos on display at Robert Miller Gallery in NYC. Through October 30, 2010

Fans of Scissor Sisters will surely appreciate seeing the actual Robert Mapplethorpe photo that was used for the cover art of their brilliant 3rd record “Night Work” when you head over to the Robert Miller Gallery in New York.  Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of Mapplethorpe’s work, but I finally got to see a selection of his really controversial photos in the flesh (pun definitely intended).  It pleases me so much that at on the same day in New York, you can see this exhibit as well as the ultra-controversial “Made In Heaven Paintings” exhibit by Jeff Koons.  It gives me (possible false) hope that people are starting to loosen up.  When the criminals of Wall Street are allowed to roam the streets freely each day, it hardly seems shocking to see a picture of a man peeing into another man’s mouth or an artist coming all over his wife’s face and taking photos of it, respectively – according2g.  Also on display at Robert Miller are some works by Basquiat and Mayumi Terada.  These exhibits are showing until October 30, 2010, so don’t miss out.  The Robert Miller Gallery is located at 524 West 26th Street in New York.

After the jump, see two Mapplethorpe photos that are extremely NSFCMP (Not safe for closed minded people).  If you are at work reading this site, my suggestion is that you call your mates over to your desk before clicking “more,” because I think the time is right to ask yourself – if these people that I spend most of my life with are offended by the following images, have I made a serious error in my life?

Basquiat at Robert Miller.

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An Encounter With Fab Five Freddy

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Photo taken with my hand.

Fab Five Freddy and G

This is the story of an encounter that almost didn’t happen.  Gail Worley of the rad blog The Worley Gig and I were on the guest list of the new Basquiat documentary, The Radiant Child and due to a huge FUBAR by the organizers, we were unable to go.  Because we are both huge lovers of Basquiat, we persevered and went to a different screening that would prove to be far better than the one we were supposed to attend.  Our screening had a question and answer session with Fab Five Freddy afterwards!  First, let me say that The Radiant Child is such a great documentary, please go see it!  I really learned a lot about an artist I thought I knew everything about and there is so much great unseen footage in the form of interviews, gallery openings and New York in the 1980s.

Fab Five Freddy is interviewed extensively in The Radiant Child as he was a great friend to Jean-Michel Basquiat and was at the forefront of the art scene in New York in the 1980s.  Fab Five Freddy is a former graffiti artist who has gone on to be a pioneer in the hip hop scene and even hosted the ground breaking show “Yo! MTV Raps.”  His line “Ahhh this stuff is really fresh” is arguably the most sampled line in music and he was name-checked in Blondie’s 1981 song “Rapture,” one of the earliest songs that features female rapping.  Fab Five Freddy was very nice when I had a brief encounter with him after the film screening and I cut our encounter short as it appeared that everyone in the theater wanted to ask him something.  Thanks Freddy! You are an inspiration!

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