Questions and Answers with Street Artist Oh Captain My Captain (OCMC)

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Photos courtesy of Oh Captain My Captain.

OCMC It's About Time

Oh Captain My Captain (OCMC) It's About Time

When you walk through the mean streets of New York, perhaps you’ve seen some glamorous street art on your travels.  Faces from an era gone by line the streets, but who do those faces belong to?  What do the letters next to the faces mean?  OCMC is short for Oh Captain My Captain.  As you read on, find out more about OCMC.  Oh yeah!

OCMC Paris Street art 2011

OCMC Paris Street art 2011

According2G: Tell us about your background.  How long have you been doing street art?  How did you get started?

Oh Captain My Captain: I’ve been doing street art for a few years now. Basically, most of my free time was spent skateboarding bowls/pools. I had a bad accident falling in a bowl which left me with a brain injury and some lost memory. Doctors told me I couldn’t skate for 6 months, as no one knew if I were to fall how it would affect my memory at that point. I always liked pop art so while I was recouping I started getting more into it. I couldn’t afford to buy it but thought I would just make my own. I loved Warhol and I wound up learning to silkscreen from one of Andy’s silkscreen printers. Then I was off and running…

OCMC Mary in Soho

OCMC Mary in Soho

A2G: Who are your heroes/influences?

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