Star Wars on Blu-Ray – In-Store Display

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Star Wars on Blu-Ray
Star Wars on Blu-Ray – Out 09/16/11

As much as I love Star Wars, and I love Star Wars a lot, I’ve bought it on VHS, VHS special edition, VHS letterbox and DVD.  I’m not buying it again.  I don’t care how many bonus features there are – and apparently there are a bunch on this new edition that hits streets on September 16, 2011.  Let me know what I am missing!  What I would buy, however, is that really cool documentary on YouTube called “Star Wars Begins” which has a ton of unseen footage.  Release that instead!

A Very Negative Encounter With RuPaul

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Before I tell you about one of the worst celebrity encounters I’ve EVER had, let me preface this story with a few things.  This site turns two years old today and with close to 3,500 posts, I’d be conservative and say that at least 95% of them are about positive experiences.  I’d really prefer not to waste my energy talking trash but one thing I absolutely refuse to do is be treated like crap and stay silent about it.  I was given a voice and I plan on using it – and I think you’re a fool if you don’t use the one you’ve been given!  Next, I’d like to say that I am fully aware that nobody on this planet owes me a thing and I have certainly kept that in mind in over thousands of encounters with famous people in all walks of life for over 20 years.  If you read the “Encounters with G” section, I think it’s fairly clear that I must be doing something right.

On May 18, 2011, RuPaul was doing an in-store appearance at Best Buy in New York’s Union Square to promote his new CD “Glamazon.”  As you know from the site, I am fortunate enough to have chance encounters with many of the personalities I meet, but occasionally I’ll go to a signing.  I try and steer clear of these as they are usually very forced and your “face time” with people you admire is typically not very high quality.  Since there were only about a paltry 100 people at the signing, Best Buy decided to let you talk to RuPaul as long as you wanted (perhaps to give him something to do for the entire duration of his 2 hour long appearance).  It made the wait excruciating, especially since  the weather outside was absolutely nasty.  But I like RuPaul and the weather was not going to stop me from meeting a person I’ve looked up to as an inspiration for being someone I really thought was open-minded.  You can only imagine some of the trials and tribulations RuPaul must have gone through in his life on his way to becoming a famous drag queen, so you’d think he’d be a very cool person.

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An Encounter with The New York Dolls

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Photo by some random Best Buy employee who is not skilled in the ways of a point and shoot camera.

Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen and Geoffrey Dicker

Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen and G

It’s so sad that almost every record store in New York is gone.  It’s even more sad that the major in-store appearances by rockers have to happen at Best Buy! But I’ll take it if that’s the only way to meet Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen of The New York Dolls!  The Dolls are in town to promote their newest album “Dancing Backward in High Heels.” If you are in the New York area, they’ll also be doing two shows this week (on March 16 and March 17, 2011) at Bowery Ballroom.  Don’t miss your chance to see these legends!  As signings usually go, there was not much time for chit chat, but David Johansen and Syl Sylvain were both in great moods and were extremely friendly. Thanks again Dolls!

Free NYC Oh Land Show

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Oh Land

Oh Land

Be one of the first 200 people to buy Oh Land’s new album at Best Buy Union Square in New York starting at 12:01 am on Tuesday, 3/15 and you will receive a wristband which guarantees admittance to her instore performance on April 4, 2011 at 6 PM. Arrive early. Space is limited.  More information can be found here.

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