Nate Hill’s Punch Me Panda #Bestartshow2011

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Photos by G.  Performance by Nate Hill.

Punch Me Panda 1

Punch Me Panda starring Nate Hill

Artist Nate Hill is embarking on his most ambitious project yet.  His “Best Art Show 2011” project is performance art like you’ve never seen before.  Nate Hill utilizes Twitter to announce a time and place he’ll be showing up.  When he arrives, you’ll see the artist dressed as “Punch Me Panda.”  The rules are simple, Nate Hill wants you to kick his ass!  He asks the make-shift audience to get their aggressions out and punch him.

Punch Me Panda

Punch Me Panda

I attended a performance on Broadway and Barclay in Manhattan on March 17, 2011 during rush hour and it was fantastic!  The performance catches many people by surprise as they have no idea what to make of a person dressed as a panda asking people to strike him. Some people completely understood the instructions, some people stopped to gawk and take pictures and others ran away from the panda looking totally puzzled.  How long does the performance last?

Punch Me Panda. Performances last until the cops come!

Follow Nate Hill on Twitter @nateXhill to find out when the next performance will be.  Best Art Show 2011 runs (in various locations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx) through March 31, 2011. In addition to “Punch Me Panda,” there’s also a Taxidermy Tour, “Subway Boucey Rides,” and Nate Hill will even make house calls.  Whoa!!!  In case these pictures don’t give you an idea of the awesomeness of Punch Me Panda, here’s a video!

After the jump, see a photo of me with Nate Hill!

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