“Bette Davis Eyes” live cover by Brandon Flowers

Posted by The G on August 28, 2010 under G Videos | 3 Comments to Read

Video by G.

Rumours of The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers’ sexuality have been floating around since the beginning of his musical career.  Sure, he’s Mormon.  Sure, he has kids.  In this day and age, that means nothing.  I will love him no matter who he chooses to get down on his knees for.  When I saw his New York live solo debut on August 26, 2010, I overheard lots of my gays in the audience saying things like “No straight guy loves the Pet Shop Boys as much as he does” and “He is such a bottom.”  I don’t know if either of these things are true.  However, covering Kim Carnes’ 1980s song “Bette Davis Eyes,” certainly doesn’t help his case for heterosexuality, but here at According2g, we love all people equally.


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