Happy Birthday, Betty White

Posted by The G on January 17, 2011 under Celebrities | 2 Comments to Read

Photo and autographs courtesy of G’s massive in-person autograph collection.

Betty White

Betty White

Betty White!  The actress who has been on so many beloved programs, including the Golden Girls, was born today, January 17.  I’m so happy for her that in her late 80s, she’s going stronger than ever!  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the cast of the Golden Girls many times and as you can see above, I’ve met Betty White 6 times!  Love her!  Hope Betty has a great day and like Muhammad Ali whose birthday is also today, Betty White is always extremely nice, thus also confirming that nice guys (or girls in this case) do finish first. Happy birthday, Betty!  Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought us and continue to bring.

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