Cali Killa 2012

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Photos by G.  Art by Cali Killa.

Cali Killa 2012

Cali Killa 2012

Loving the colors!

Cali Killa 2012

Cali Killa 2012

Cali Killa 2nd Street

Cali Killa 2nd Street

“Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts by Cali Killa – Out Now!

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Photo courtesy of Cali Killa.

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters T-Shirts. Now Available.

I love it when good triumphs over evil.  Recently, I reported that street artist Cali Killa’s iconic “Beware of Hipsters” image was stolen by Urban Outfitters.  UO tried to sell these shirts without Cali Killa’s permission and worst of all, without giving him a cent for the use of his art.  Because my readers kick so much ass, within 48 hours of posting the story, word traveled across the internet and many other websites wrote about this theft as well.  Urban Outfitters removed the shirt and now Cali Killa is free to use sell his own art.  That brings us to today.

Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts are out now!

The shirts are limited to 30 produced, so get yours today before it’s too late!

Support the artist, not the corporation – and beware of hipsters!

Boycott Urban Outfitters for Stealing Cali Killa’s Art!

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Photo by G.  Art by Cali Killa.

Beware of Hipsters by Cali Killa. Image Stolen by Urban Outfitters.

I was really upset this morning when I found out that Urban Outfitters has STOLEN the work of street artist Cali Killa.  Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” image has appeared on the streets of major metropolitan cities in the USA including Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and New York as well as on many art sites, including  Without seeking Cali Killa’s approval or permission, Urban Outfitters is now selling a line of “Beware of Hipsters” T-shirts.  Cali Killa will not see any money from this gross injustice and it’s not fair!  Until Urban Outfitters rights the wrong, I am asking you all to boycott Urban Outfitters!

If any legal experts can help out, please get in touch!  If anyone knows Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk, please get in touch.  Please Tweet about this, post this information on Facebook and forward to as many art blogs and media sites as you can. We cannot let Urban Outfitters get away with this!  Please forward this information to everyone you can and boycott Urban Outfitters for STEALING the art work of Cali Killa.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  Thanks to all my dear readers for helping spread the word.  Less than 48 hours after this article appeared online, Urban Outfitters removed the products from their stores and website.  You all ROCK!  xo

Cali Killa Has Been Ripped Off!

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Photos by G.  Art by Cali Killa.  Vandalism by people that suck!

Art by Cali Killa.

I love walking down the streets and seeing gifts to the public from my favorite artists.  As you can see above, Cali Killa has left this wonderful image behind for us all to enjoy it.

Cali Killa has been ripped off!

The problem with street art is that it all carries an unknown expiration date.  Either mother nature or vandals will have access to these works and they are altered or destroyed.  This is why it is of utmost importance to open your eyes when you hit the streets so you get to enjoy these works while you can.

I’m guessing that hipsters found these images and couldn’t take being found out….  What do you think?

Get Over Yourself / Beware of Hipsters

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Photo by G. Art by TSF and Cali Killa, respectively.

Get Over Yourself / Beware of Hipsters

On Thanksgiving, I’d like to present two pieces of advice from street artists:

1. Get Over Yourself (from The Status Faction)

2. Beware of Hipsters (from Cali Killa)

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