“To Wit” by Raymond Pettibon at David Zwirner

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Photos by G.  Art by Raymond Pettibon.

Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon

When you walk into the David Zwirner gallery in Manhattan and look at “To Wit” by Raymond Pettibon, it will suck you in instantly.  Arranged in chunks of paintings, it appears as if you are walking into a comic book and only when you look closely at the subject matter in the paintings, will you find the subversiveness and wit as the title of the exhibit suggests.  For those unaware of Raymond Pettibon’s art, he designed the iconic Black Flag logo for the band which could help the non-art aficionado understand the DIY and eff you establishment nature and themes in his works.

Partial Gallery View

Partial Gallery View

With works dealing with huge penises, non-lasting erections, calling God a homosexual and lots of commentary on society, so come to the show with an open mind and with your sense of humor!

Raymond Pettibon

Fuck God!  Dude likes dick… by Raymond Pettibon

“To Wit” by Raymond Pettibon is showing at David Zwirner Gallery (at 519 West 19th Street) in Manhattan through October 26, 2013.  For more details, click here.

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Raymond Pettibon Billboard on The Highline

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Photo by G.  Art By Raymond Pettibon.

Raymond Petibon Billboard - Highline

Raymond Petibon Billboard – Highline

It’s sort of hard to see in the picture, so I will explain what is going on – Jackie Robinson has just stole home!  It’s not exactly Black Flag’s logo, but it beats advertising ANY DAY!

“Multiverse” by Matt Jones

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Photos by G.  Art by Matt Jones.

Matt Jones - Multiverse

Matt Jones - Multiverse. Now showing at Freight + Volume in New York through May 7, 2011

Artist Matt Jones explores the concept of what makes a logo iconicin his latest exhibition “Multiverse” which is now showing at Freight + Volume in New York.  Matt Jones has drawn inspiration from Raymond Pettibon’s 1970’s Black Flag band logo (which is 4 vertical black bars on a white background). Jones appropriates the simple image in a mixed media presentation from painting to video.  As you walk through the gallery, you’ll see the “Black Flag” image in every shape and variety imaginable including being affixed to wooden cutouts of people wearing the icon spread out across the gallery floor.

Matt Jones - Multiverse

Matt Jones - Multiverse

The juxtaposition of the simplicity logo with the influence it’s had on the consciousness of a musical movement is a multifaceted concept that you’ll be thinking about long after you walk out of Matt Jones’ “Multiverse.”  The exhibit is showing at Freight + Volume in New York until May 7, 2011, so don’t miss it.  Freight + Volume is located at 530 West 24th Street in Manhattan.

Matt Jones - Multiverse 2

Matt Jones - Multiverse

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