Happy 4th Birthday, According2g.com

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Photo by Alan.

According2g is 4

According2g is 4

My, how time flies.

4 years ago on this day, I launched According2g.com.  At the time, I had no idea where the path would lead, but I just put one foot in front of the other, took out my camera, snapped some photos and started writing – 7 days a week!

Flash forward 4 years later and because of this blog, I am now friends or friendly with so many of my heroes.  I’ve had the oppotunity to see and meet nearly all of my living heroes in the realms of music and art.  My stories have been reposted on home pages of internet titans and some of my favorite bands, which continues to blow my mind.  Earlier this year, a video I took of the closest thing we’ll probably ever get to a Smiths reunion and the went viral and landed me on Rolling Stone and NME’s website, two publications I’ve been reading ever since I was a child!  Because of this blog, I had the opportunity to host an episode of “Weird Vibes” for MTV, a channel I’ve been watching since it launched in 1981.  Because of this blog, I’ve had the chance to talk to hundreds of my idols and for all of these things and so much more, I am eternally grateful!

In addition, since I launched this blog, here’s a few “by the numbers” statistics:

– I’ve written approximately 700 posts about encounters with some of the world’s biggest celebrities, artists and rock stars.

– I’ve written close to 800 concert reviews.

– I’ve written over 800 posts about art exhibitions.

–  There are 1460 days in a 4 year period and the only counting these reviews and experiences, in 6,300 plus posts, I’ve experienced over 2,300 events, which equates to over 2 events in a day, 7 days a week!!!  I challenge ANY blog in the world to live up to these standards:  taking your own photos, experiencing the events first hand and writing about them, 7 days a week.  Many other blogs are much more successful than me, but they are nowhere near as hard working.  And that is a fact!

I will not lie and tell you that this blog has helped my bank account as of this writing (but it’s coming, so I’m not worried), but no matter what happens, these amazing life changing experiences can never be stripped from me and that is something you cannot put a price on.

I would also like to put it out there in the world that I am looking to host or appear on more art/rock/celebrity based shows and also would love to collaborate with artists on songs.  If you didn’t know, I’ve been known to write some pretty kick-ass song lyrics (however, I cannot write music, so I need your help!)  I would also like to work with artists on a new line of T-shirts that I have brewing in my head, so if you or anyone you know can help me achieve these goals, please get in touch.

Back to the blog…

I thank all my readers for sharing these stories in their social media circles.

I thank all the artists whose works have inspired me to keep writing even when it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel, and when you think of all the technical glitches and stress that comes with blogging 7 days a week, this feeling happens a lot!

Last and certainly not least, I thank YOU for reading this.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

All my love,



Happy Birthday to Greg of Melrose and Fairfax

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Photo by G.  Stickers by Melrose and Fairfax.

Melrose and Fairfax

Melrose and Fairfax

Happy birthday to Greg of the super awesome website Melrose and Fairfax.  We met as we are both bloggers and we both share a love for street art.  Greg’s site Melrose and Fairfax is in fact one of the biggest street art websites in the world and according2g, he deserves all the accolades he receives.  He is an encyclopedia of street art knowledge and his love for street art shows on his site.  He updates the site multiple times daily and I absolutely relate to all the hard work he puts in to keep his readers entertained.  Greg has also introduced phrases like “Get Up, Stay Up” into the lexicon and I find it hard to pass art in the streets without saying that phrase to myself.  But more than just the hard work and the great phrases, Greg is truly one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  I look forward to my visits to Los Angeles to hit the town in search of street art with the master.  He recently curated his first show entitled “What Graffiti is to New York Street Art is to Los Angeles” and I was lucky enough to be in town for the opening night gala reception, which was nothing short of epic.  I highly recommend that you bookmark the site and check it multiple times daily to see the latest and greatest from the scene.  Happy birthday Greg!  To quote you, “Stay up!”  G Power!

Happy Famous Anniversary

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Photo by G.

Happy Famous Anniversary

Happy Famous Anniversary

Happy 1 year wedding anniversary to the Happy Famous Artists.  The art collective based in Belgium are two of the coolest people on the planet!   They are encyclopedias of art knowledge who have been fortunate to see so much great art on their jet setting travels across the world.  They write about their adventures on their official website, which should be viewed daily, according2g.  I cannot tell you how many times the HFA have told me about an exhibit taking place right in my own backyard that I would have missed out on if not for them.  Respect!   The HFA are putting the final touches on their traveling art show entitled “World Dictators Unite,” and you can read more about this exhibit here.  Happy Famous Anniversary! xxx

Must Visit Website: Melrose and Fairfax

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Photos by G.  Art by Melrose and Fairfax.

Melrose and Fairfax

Melrose and Fairfax

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Melrose and Fairfax is an amazing blog!  They update their site so many times a day with original photos they take of street art in the Los Angeles area.  The photos are great, the captions are great and I find myself using phrases like “Get up, stay up” when I pass street art in my neighborhood.  It always brings a smile to my face.  Melrose and Fairfax celebrates street art and I celebrate their website!  I cannot recommend this site highly enough, so find out what’s fresh at Melrose and Fairfax – multiple times, daily!

Melrose and Fairfax

Melrose and Fairfax


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