BNE in Amsterdam

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Photo by G.  Tag by BNE.

BNE in Amsterdam

BNE in Amsterdam

Vintage, but since I am not in Amsterdam too often, it was new to me.

BNE: Graffiti For A Good Cause

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Photo by G.  Art by BNE.

BNE Water Org


If you live in a metropolitan city, you’ve surely seen the black and white sticker “BNE” or “BNE was here” (or a defaced version) as they are everywhere.  Aside from the stickers, little has been known about the artist.  BNE has traded in his spray paint can to start a non-profit organization and website called  The site is a global movement dedicated to bringing clean, safe water, and sanitation to people living in extreme poverty. The site recently launched and there are future plans to sell merchandise with the proceeds going to help The Artists 4 Water project.  It is envisioned that the project will raise millions of dollars to fight the world water crisis and save millions of lives. Each contributing artist’s talent and influence will also raise awareness and help bring worldwide attention to the cause.  Click here to get involved.

If you cannot support financially, please do your part by spreading the word.




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Photo by G.  Art by BNE.


If you live in New York or Los Angeles, surely you’ve seen the BNE stickers on your journeys.  Little is known about the mysterious artist, other than he/she has been all over the world posting his 3-letter signature.  Often, you’ll see a “BNE was here” sticker or just “BNE.”  Since nobody knows what the 3 letters signify, street artists are coming up with their own definitions, such as the image above that says “Big Nut Eater.”  If you have more information about BNE, let us know!  In the below image, the “BNE Was Here” sticker was tagged with much prettier art work that is so engaging, you could almost get arrested.

HFA was here?

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