An Encounter With The Gruens

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Photos by G.

Bob Gruen and G

Perhaps you might not know Bob Gruen’s name, but I can guarantee you, you know his iconic rock and roll images.  He’s photographed everyone from Muddy Waters to Elvis Presley to Madonna to John Lennon!  His wife, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen is an accomplished artist as well and I met the couple at a reception for Elizabeth’s latest art exhibit “Double Cut” at the Sacred Gallery in New York.  They were both super cool as you can see from these photos.

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen and G

After we chatted, we then drank custom-made “Double Cut” wine!  It was delicious.  The image on the bottle is a photo of one of Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen’s hand cut works of art!  Amazing!  Thanks again to the Gruen’s for their wonderful talents and for being so nice.

Double Cut wine.

Looking At Music: Side 2

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Looking At Music: Side 2 - Now at MOMA

Looking At Music: Side 2 - Now at MOMA

There’s a cool exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York right now called “Looking at Music : Side 2.”  It’s got videos, album covers and trippy art, plus a really cool collage of photos by rock and roll photographer Bob Gruen.  You can see more photos below and you can find out more about the exhibit here.

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