Video: D’Angelo’s Return in 2012

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Video courtesy of the internet.

Not a big fan of posting other people’s videos, but since I was literally just listening to a bootleg of this show over the weekend, featuring quite possibly the only live performance of The Time’s “My Summertime Thang” (not performed by either Prince or The Time, but instead) by D’Angelo (featuring Eric Leeds, Jesse Johnson and Questlove), you have to check this out.  It’s the first part of a documentary showing D’Angelo’s return to the live stage in the USA at 2012’s Bonnarroo Festival.  Since this video features a Prince cover, it will likely be taken down before the end of the day because Prince is a motherfucking douche bag.  But until then…

Some more details:

All music was remixed by Questlove.
Filmed and directed by Danny Clinch.


Episode Rundown and Tracklist:
1.  Origins :  Featuring “My Summertime Thang” by The Time written by Prince


2.  Getting The Band Back Together:  Featuring

Pride and Vanity by the Ohio Players


3.  Hit It and Quit It: Featuring “Funky Dollar Bill” and

“Hit It and Quit It” by Parliament Funkadelic


4.  The Return of D’Angelo:  Featuring
“She Came In Through the Bathroom Window” by the Beatles


Band Members:
D’Angelo:  Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson: Drums (The Roots)
Pino Palladino: Bass (The Who)
Eric Leeds: Saxophone (Prince)
Jesse Johnson: Guitar (The Time, Prince, Janet Jackson)
Captain Kirk: Guitar (The Roots)
James Posyer: Keyboards (The Roots)
Frank Knuckles: Percussion (The Roots)
Kendra Foster (Vocals)
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