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Bankrupt Slut - Too Slutty For Love

Bankrupt Slut - "Too Slutty For Love." Out now!

The streets of Los Angeles have never been the same since Bankrupt Slut emerged on the scene. Stickers and wheat-pastes in all sizes, shapes and colors are everywhere! Bankrupt Slut is making an ambitious leap from the streets to the stage with a kick-ass rock album that’s not for you – it’s for your daughter. Bankrupt Slut’s debut album “Too Slutty For Love” is out now and you’re going to love this collection of rock songs whose subject matter ranges from sex to suicide and of course – graffiti! This album is surely to be the sexiest record on the streets, so get ready to rock out with your cock out – BS style.

Their debut video for “Boom (MF)” was just released and you can see it by clicking play.

Below see my commentary on each track as I listen to the record for the first time.

“Fuck Your Face” – The album starts off with a rocker! The song talks about – well, it’s pretty obvious from the title. Favorite lyric “I know what to do. I’m gonna fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you!” I cannot wait to sing this aloud as I walk down the streets of New York! The album is officially worth it, just for that, according2g.

“Graffiti (Saved My Life)” – Kicking off with the sound of a spray paint can, this rockin’ song features the trademark catch phrase of Bankrupt Slut, “Get up, stay up.” The song deals with some of the reasons to do graffiti – whether for sport or just to see your name way up. You won’t find me arguing with that logic.

“All the Girls” – This is a fun party song that is about Bankrupt Slut’s love of girls. They love girls of all nationalities, shapes, sizes and fetishes.

“Even Fat People (Fall in Love)” – This song slows things down a little bit. The verses are stories of fat people falling in love. Favorite lyric – “The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’.”

“Boom (MF)” – Featuring rapped lyrics, the chorus “Boom motherfucker, that had to hurt” is a medium paced rocker that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

“Panty Dropper” – A catchy track that has lyrics like “put your panties to your knees because I aim to please.” There’s a guest rap vocal Trisha Rey, who asserts “I put the ‘screw’ in ‘screw me.'”

“Dancin on My Sk8board” – A slower rock track that is all about having fun and having no cares in the world, especially when dancing on your sk8board.

“Friend Just Means (Ain’t Fucked You Over Yet)” – This song is a mid-tempo rocker about a narc who sold his friends out. It’s an anthem for all of us who thought we could trust certain people only to find out they didn’t have our backs at all.

“Scars” – Don’t be fooled in thinking this record is all about girls, drugs, graffiti and sex. This song is about surviving a suicide attempt and having the scars to prove it.

“Just A Friend (Blah Blah Blah)” a loose rock cover of Biz Markie’s 1990’s rap classic “Just A Friend.”

“Best Things in Life” – A slower rock track that is about enjoying the sun and appreciating the best things in life – which are free.

“Princess” – An acoustic track presumably, a love song dedicated to the love of Bankrupt Slut’s life.

“Fingers Through Your Hair” – The album closes with another acoustic track. This song is a contemplative track about missing opportunities.

The album is available exclusively for only $10 (plus shipping) on Melrose and Fairfax’ official webstore.  This is an album you need to have and that’s no BS!


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