Must Have Prince Bootleg: “Diamonds & Pearls: Beginnings”

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Download Bjork’s Biophilia Live at the NY Science Museum via NYCTaper

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Bjork - New York Science Museum

Bjork Live at New York Science Museum

If you missed Bjork’s residency at the New York Science Museum, there is good news. NYCTaper has recorded the audio of one of the shows (and it was the one I went to!) and you might recognize some groovy photos in their review!  😉

Head over to NYCTaper (link will open in a new window) and grab your copy of Bjork live on February 12, 2012.

The setlist was:

Tracks 01 [intro] 02 Thunderbolt 03 Moon 04 Crystalline 05 Hollow 06 Dark Matter 07 Mouth’s Cradle 08 You’ve Been Flirting Again 09 Isobel 10 Virus 11 Generous Palmstroke 12 Sacrifice 13 Pagan Poetry 14 Mutual Core 15 Cosmogony 16 Solstice 17 [encore break] 18 Nattura 19 Declare Independence

I’d like to add this disclaimer directly from NYCTaper:  Note: All of the material on this site is offered with artist permission, free to fans, at our expense.  The only thing we ask is that you download the material directly from this site, rather than re-posting the direct links or the files on other sites without our permission. Please respect our request.

James Blake Fan Made Live Album Hits The Net

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James Blake

James Blake

Dubsteppers of the world unite!  A James Blake fan has made a compilation live album of the different tracks the singer has performed.  Who knows when this will be taken down, so get to downloading!

The tracklist is:

01. Unluck (Live) 02. The Wilhelm Scream (Live) 03. I Never Learnt To Share (Live) 04. Lindisfarne (Live) 05. Limit To Your Love (Live) 06. Give Me My Month (Live) 07. To Care (Like You) (Live) 08. Anti-War Dub (Live) 09. Klavierwerke (Live) 10. CMYK (Live) 11. Once We All Agree (Live) 12. A Case Of You (Live) 13. Enough Thunder (Live) 14. Love What Happened Here (Live) 15. Tep And The Logic (Live)


Details of U2’s “Achtung Baby” Box Set

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In case you missed this great news, here’s some details on what will be included in U2’s deluxe reissue of their best album, “Achtung Baby”:

An Uber Deluxe Edition will be the most elaborate (and expensive) version of the set, will include all of the following in a numbered magnetic puzzle-tiled box:

• Six CDs including Achtung Baby and its 1993 follow up Zooropa, plus discs featuring B sides, outtakes and reworked versions of unheard material from the Achtung sessions

• Four DVDs including ZOO TV: Live From Sydney, the new documentary From the Sky Down and all of the music videos from the period

• Five clear 7-inch singles in replicas of their original packaging

• 16 art prints from the original album sleeve

• 84-page hardback book

• One issue of Propaganda fanclub magazine

• Four badges

• One sticker sheet

• One replica of Bono’s “The Fly” sunglasses

Achtung Baby will also be reissued as a vinyl box set featuring the album along with two translucent blue vinyl disc featuring B sides and remixes and a double-disc CD with a bonus disc of B sides and rarities.  A remastered version without extras will also be released.

The final tracklists or release dates have not been released yet either, so it’ll be curious to compare those against a bootleg that has circulated for nearly 2 decades in perfect quality.  That track list is:

01 – Salome (5:47)
02 – Where Did it All Go Wrong? (3:58)
03 – Where Did it All Go Wrong? (3:40)
04 – Heaven and Hell (6:44)
05 – Doctor Doctor (2:36)
06 – Jitterbug Baby (3:56)
07 – Salome (9:15)
08 – Salome (5:34)
09 – Sunset In Colors/Chances Away (14:53)
10 – Chances Away (1:41)
11 – I Feel Free (6:32)
12 – I Feel Free (4:31)

13 – Sweet Baby Jane (2:04)
14 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:32)
15 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (4:01)
16 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:07)
17 – Take Today (instrumental) (6:28)
18 – Even Better Than The Real… (4:50)
19 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:41)
20 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:38)
21 – Back Mask U2 (5:32)
22 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:36)
23 – Take Today (vocals) (6:31)

24 – Someone (1:07)
25 – Back Mask U2 (3:11)
26 – Acrobat (4:17)
27 – Salome (5:51)
28 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:07)
29 – Take You Down (5:18)
30 – Going Down South (5:34)
31 – Salome (3:51)
32 – Salome (13:06)
33 – Salome (6:00)
34 – Salome (8:00)
35 – Salome (12:02)

Prince’s Best Bootleg in 20 Years Surfaces

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Photo courtesy of the Purple Underground.

Prince and the Revolution live at First Avenue - June 7, 1984

Just when you think you’ve had enough of Prince’s antics and you conclude that you can no longer support a man who regressed from singing “Sexuality is all you’ll ever need” to “Open up your Bible and let God guide you to the Purple Rain,” the purple one sucks you back in.  Prince became a worldwide megastar in the 1980s with mega-funky albums such as “1999,” “Purple Rain” and “Sign O’ The Times.”  What the majority of the world does not know is that for every amazing track on these records, there are probably 50 songs from the same period that are equally as good, but for some reason, have never seen the light of day.  It doesn’t end with unreleased studio recordings either.  Prince rehearsed new ideas constantly and it’s certainly one of the reasons that he is one of the best live performers of all time.

The die-hard Prince fan community has been fortunate enough to hear a lot of these tracks, concerts and rehearsals over the years.  It’s always open to speculation as to how they make their way into the hands of rabid fans.  Some theories include the fact that Prince often does not pay his employees and in retaliation, they share the music they worked on and will never be paid for.  Whatever the reason, die-hards have scored as there are CAREERS worth of unreleased music that are easily available in the fan community.  Lately, it appears that Prince has kept a stronger hold on his studio material, but truthfully with the songs he’s been releasing over the last few years, it doesn’t sound like we are missing out on much.  As the sound quality can vary with these recordings (because they are often copies of copies of copies – often originating from cassette tapes in the 1980s), the die-hards have been utilizing the technology that is available to clean up the sound quality on some of these beloved unreleased tracks that are in very poor sound quality.  Last year, a sonic improvement on a collection of studio outtakes called “Box O’ Chocolates” was leaked to fans and it was one of the best unofficial releases fans have gotten their hands on in years.  Until now.

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