“Built Tough” by Aaron Young at Bortolami Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Aaron Young.

"Built Tough" by Aaron Young. Now showing at the Bortolami Gallery in New York through June 4, 2011.

Time is a’wastin’ if you want to catch Californian artist Aaron Young’s exhibit of new works entitled “Built Tough” at the Bortolami Gallery in New York.  Young’s take on contemporary culture and iconography is displayed in sculpture, painting and silk screen.  I found myself wondering what the flag really means today in light of all the shit that is going on in this country.  I was literally thinking that the symbol is used as a means of some sort of false importance and fake patriotism while most people are too plugged into Ipods and video games to really examine what is actually happening.  I turned the corner of the gallery and then saw statues of kids playing video games, while images of doomsday are looming in the background.  Genius! 

Prepare For The End.

“Built Tough” by Aaron Young is showing at the Bortolami Gallery (located at 520 West 20th Street) in New York through June 4, 2011.  Get off your phones or you’ll miss it!

Eric Wesley – D’Carts Blanche and New Paintings

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Photos by G.  Art by Eric Wesley.

Eric Wesley at the Bortolami Gallery through June 19, 2010.

Los Angeles based artist Eric Wesley has a really cool show at the Bortolami Gallery in New York entitled “D’Carts Blanche and New Paintings” that runs until June 19, 2010.  Eric Wesley’s exhibit utilizes the geometrical rules of Rene Descartes and uses primary colors in his works.  It’s impossible to tell from these pictures but these works of art are huge!  It will definitely make you wonder “how in the world did he make these?!”  I love art that makes you think. The Bortolami Gallery is located at 510 West 25th Street in New York.

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