Boycott Le Poisson Rouge in NYC For Horrible Customer Service

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Photo by G.

Zoot Woman

After attending countless shows at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, August 10, 2011 will be my last time at that venue until their current manager Brett Tabisel and his security staff are fired.  It pains me to have to write this, but I refuse to stay quiet when I have a bad experience – and readers, I implore you to do the same.  The world has gotten as bad as it has become because for too long, people have kept quiet about the injustices done to them.  People are finally starting to speak up and change is in the air!

Super-producer Stuart Price is in a band called Zoot Woman and when it was announced they’d be doing a show at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge, I decided to go and check them out.  Everything you read about Zoot Woman on the net, from Le Poisson Rouge’s website (of which I have screen shots) to Wikipedia mentions Stuart Price being in the band.  Perhaps the crowd was a little smarter than I and on the night of August 10, 2011 – Le Poisson Rouge was the most empty I’ve ever seen.  When Zoot Woman took the stage, Stuart Price was nowhere to be seen.


After waiting through a few songs, I saw no sign of Stuart and my friend and I decided to go ask for our money back.  We asked to speak to the manager of Le Poisson Rouge – Brett Tabisel.  A gaggle of security guards who were just standing around kept telling us that the manager was too busy to speak with us and that we’d have to tell them our issue instead.  We tried explaining about the misrepresentation to TWO different security guards but they had no clue what we were talking about and refused to do anything.

Well over 15 minutes later, Le Poisson Rouge’s manager Brett Tabisel emerged and for the 3rd time we explained the story.  I simply said, I am a frequent customer and I want a refund.  He told me there is no mention of Stuart Price on the website, which is not true (see the link above)!  I then advised that I will be more than happy to write about this negative experience and name him in the story.  He rolled his eyes with the “yeah right” look.  Brett Tabisel told us he needed to check on something and scurried away.  The security guards advised us Brett would not be coming back and we should go back inside and enjoy the show or leave! The irony is that the tickets for the concert were only $15.  It’s not like we were asking for our time back that we obviously wasted at a misrepesented event.  No apology was offered either by any member of the staff!


That’s how Le Poisson Rouge treats frequent customers?  HOW DARE THEY?!

Nearly shaking, I asked the security guards for their names and at this point they asked me to leave the venue!  I was writing something down on a piece of paper and the guard forcefully grabbed the pen and paper out of my hand.  I thought I was about to be assulted and I am sure if I would have stayed for another 30 seconds I would have been.  Just for asking for my money back?!  WHAT!?!?!? 

Readers, I am asking you to boycott Le Poisson Rouge until Brett Tabisel and his security team are fired.  They will not get away with this.  First of all, would you feel safe at a venue when the security guards want to kick you out for rightfully complaining?

I encourage you to contact Le Poisson Rouge on Twitter or Brett Tabisel’s personal Twitter account and let them know that this behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED.

I absolutely plan on telling as many bands as I can about this experience so their management will book them at one of the many other venues in New York who treats their patrons right.  As this website has a huge international following, the $15 dollars each that my friend and I will not be getting back will be more than accounted for in Google when people look for reviews of the venue.

Please spread the word.

You can see what Brett Tabisel looks like after the jump so you can steer clear of this guy when you are out and about.

UPDATE:  I received an email from the venue, not with an apology, but instead with a note saying I should do my homework before attending shows.  What is the big deal with saying “I’m sorry” or “Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.”  Really unbelievable.

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Lawsuit Waiting To Happen: Zappos Steals from Artist Erica Simone

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Photos by Erica Simone and Zappos (respectively).

Photo of Erica Simone from the exhibit "Nue York: Portrait of a Bare Urban Citizen"

Does anyone fact check anymore?!  The above photo is of Erica Simone from her exhibit “Nue York: Portrait of a Bare Urban Citizen,” which showed in New York in April 2011.  Erica Simone photographed herself in various scenarios that New Yorkers find themselves in on a daily basis, but she added a unique twist – she appeared completely naked in the pictures.  The idea was genius and it’s not a surprise that the exhibit received international media coverage and the photos made a huge splash in the art world.

The idea was so brilliant in fact, that Zappos, the online shoe and apparel shop, decided to blatantly rip off the image and concept for a new ad campaign.  One of the photos is included below.

July 2011 Zappos Ad

I am not a lawyer, but I smell a lawsuit.

What are your thoughts?  To me, this seems like a no-brainer.  Spread the word and boycott Zappos until they right the wrong.  Earlier this year, Urban Outfitters stole a logo from street artist Cali Killa and decided to sell that image on T-shirts and within 48 hours of my readers spreading the word, Urban Outfitters removed the product from their stores and website.

Unfortunately, I have to call on you for your help again, but we cannot let Zappos get away with this!!!  Let’s all contact Zappos CEO Tony Hseih, post this on our favorite social media sites and tweet this link directly to @zappos to express our discontent!  We will be victorious!!!


Boycott Urban Outfitters for Stealing Cali Killa’s Art!

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Photo by G.  Art by Cali Killa.

Beware of Hipsters by Cali Killa. Image Stolen by Urban Outfitters.

I was really upset this morning when I found out that Urban Outfitters has STOLEN the work of street artist Cali Killa.  Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” image has appeared on the streets of major metropolitan cities in the USA including Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and New York as well as on many art sites, including  Without seeking Cali Killa’s approval or permission, Urban Outfitters is now selling a line of “Beware of Hipsters” T-shirts.  Cali Killa will not see any money from this gross injustice and it’s not fair!  Until Urban Outfitters rights the wrong, I am asking you all to boycott Urban Outfitters!

If any legal experts can help out, please get in touch!  If anyone knows Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk, please get in touch.  Please Tweet about this, post this information on Facebook and forward to as many art blogs and media sites as you can. We cannot let Urban Outfitters get away with this!  Please forward this information to everyone you can and boycott Urban Outfitters for STEALING the art work of Cali Killa.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  Thanks to all my dear readers for helping spread the word.  Less than 48 hours after this article appeared online, Urban Outfitters removed the products from their stores and website.  You all ROCK!  xo

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