Brandon Flowers is 30

Posted by The G on June 21, 2011 under GNN | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers

I used to be a really big fan of The Killers.  I met lead singer Brandon Flowers twice and he was a total dick both times.  The experiences have still scarred me to this day, since my ‘success rate’ with over thousands of celebrity encounters in my life is about 95%.  Luckily, I’ve met worldwide superstars such as Bono, Mick Jones of The Clash, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and they were all very nice to me, so that has helped me decide where I’ll spend my money on concert tickets and merch.  Why am I writing this post then, you ask?  Because I have hundreds of great photos of Brandon Flowers that I took the last time I saw him in concert and I just hate letting them go to waste.  One can only assume that after the huge flop of his solo album, it delivered the necessary blow to his ego that he needed and he’ll be nice to everyone again.  My birthday wish for Brandon is to spread the love in this new decade of your life.  What have you got to be so upset about?

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