Lady Gaga Breaks Ticketmaster!

Posted by The G on March 19, 2010 under GNN | 3 Comments to Read

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Lady Gaga: I Broke Ticketmaster, Bitches!

Today when tickets for Lady Gaga’s New York shows went on sale, her frenzied monsters all tried to log in to Ticketbastards at the same time only to find that the show dates disappeared from the Ticketmaster database.  This is, of course, after a 15 minute plus wait time.  Interestingly enough, there are slews of tickets available on Stubhub, where you have to pay way more than face value.  Perhaps with the news of one of Gaga’s ex boyfriends suing her for $30 Million, she needs the money?

My favorite Gaga story of the week is that she allegedly met Boy George this week and she asked him to autograph her vagina.  He was embarrassed and signed her hat instead.  I read this story on the internet, so it must be true!

At press time, it seems the Ticketmaster SNAFU is still going on.

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