Happy Birthday, Anthony Sneed

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Photo by G.  Art by Anthony Sneed.

Brokeback Mountain - One on One Action! by Anthony Sneed

Happy birthday to artist Anthony Sneed.  I love him! He does so many different styles of art from large scale ‘reimagined’ Nintendo games, to a series he calls “shadow pieces” where you literally think the painting is in 3D as you look at it, but it’s flat.   You can see Anthony’s portfolio, which has great photos of his art on his official website.  Happy birthday Anthony!

Hell For Hire by Anthony Michael Sneed

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Photos by G.  Art by Anthony Michael Sneed.

Brokeback Mountain. One On One Action!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is Anthony Michael Sneed’s exhibit Hell For Hire at Artjail in New York was really awesome.  The bad news is that the one night only pop-up show can be seen by appointment only for the next month.  That news is actually not too horrible, but it’s cold and late as I write this and I felt like being dramatic.  As you can see from these photos, Anthony Michael Sneed’s work is really diverse.  On display were a series of hilarious “Game Series Paintings” which are parodies of Nintendo Game covers.  All of them were very clever and funny.

A series of untitled “shadow pieces” were also on display and they definitely bend the mind.

JFK The Game. Mind Blowing Fun!

Artjail is located at 50 Eldridge Street (6th Floor) in New York.  I hope you’ll make an appointment and see these really cool works with your own eyes!

See another image from Anthony Michael Sneed as well as a photo of my encounter with the artist after the jump.

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