Video: “Cry at Films” live by Bright Light x2 and Del Marquis

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Photos, Video and Words by G.

Bright Light Bright Light

Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light

On January 23, 2012, UK Singer Rod Thomas, better known by his stage name Bright Light Bright Light performed at New York’s Cake Shop.  If you’re not familiar with Bright Lightx2’s music, Rod Thomas’ voice is extremely soulful over great electronic beats.  New York was in for many treats last night as Bright Light Bright Light changed things up in the best possible way.  Rather than perform electronically, the entire show was a solo piano performance, which Rod Thomas admitted was a fun challenge as he performed his upcoming new album in full.  Many of the songs, he said, were being played for the first time.  Also making the night extra special was a rare guest vocal appearance from his album collaborator, Del Marquis, from Scissor Sisters who sang on “Cry at Films.”  The video is below.  The venue is fairly dark for extra vibe, so please keep that in mind as you groove to Bright Lightx2 and Del Marquis! Bright Light Bright Light‘s album will be available in the Spring, but while you wait for that day, his singles “Love Part II” and “Disco Moment” are available now for legal download.


See the set list as well as a photo of my encounter with Rod Thomas after the jump.

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I’m in Spoon’s New Video!

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Still from the "Nobody Gets Me But You" Video by Spoon

What a day I’m having!  I was just reading one of my favorite sites, Pitchfork, when I saw that the new Spoon video, “Nobody Gets Me But You” has premiered.  I went to the taping of the video (which was a free 9 song set by Spoon) at Cake Shop earlier this year.  It was such an amazing day as lead singer Britt Daniel remembered meeting me from a previous encounter, I stood literally inches from him as he performed, he handed me the set list after the performance and then he nodded to me during another show that Spoon played later that night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. I wouldn’t have thought possible, but that day has just gotten better.  Spoon filmed the video in surveillance camera style and throughout the entire video, you can see the back of my head (for example at the 2:00 mark).  If that’s not cool enough, there’s a full shot of me at the very end of the video (at the 4:14 mark).  I am standing to the left of lead singer Britt Daniel.  Funnily enough, since my the back of my head appears in the video so many times, Pitchfork Media even say on their site, “Shout out to the guy whose head keeps popping up in the lower right corner.”


“Car Radio” live by Spoon at Cake Shop

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HD Video by G.

Spoon!  Cake Shop.  Secret show.  Amazing!  All the details.

As mentioned earlier, the final song was “Car Radio.”  It looked and sounded just like this…

Kick it!

Spoon Live at Cake Shop

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Photos by G.

Britt Daniel of Spoon

On September 13, 2010, I attended my first of 2 shows by Spoon.  The band was shooting a video for their song “Nobody Gets Me But You” and to celebrate, they performed a 9 song set at New York’s Cake Shop.  When I arrived, I got there at the same time as lead singer Britt Daniel who recognized me from our encounter at the airport the other day!  That made my day and Britt signed 3 Spoon albums for me as well, so that was extra cool.  The show began just after 1 pm, and the band started and ended with “Nobody Gets Me But You.”  The highlight for me was seeing “Who Makes Your Money” as that is my favorite song off their wonderful latest album “Transference.”  As a bonus, the band busted out “Car Radio” from their archives and the die hards loved it! I took a video of that song and it will be posted as soon as I get a chance, so please be patient.  It’s in perfect quality and I was standing inches from lead singer Britt Daniel, so the video quality is fantastic.  Thanks again Britt for rockin, signing my stuff, and giving me the hand written set list once the show was over!  See you later tonight!

The set list for Spoon live at Cake Shop on September 13, 2010. Now property of the G Archives.

Ava Luna live at Cake Shop

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Photos by G.

Ava Luna

When L Magazine named Ava Luna one of the 8 bands to see in 2010, I wanted to make up my own mind.  I agree!  I saw Ava Luna at New York’s Cake Shop on April 6, 2010 and they did not disappoint.  With 3 singers giving the songs a doo-wop feel, their music is like anything out of the post-punk period mixed with a little bit of soul.  According2g, that’s a great thing.  If you click here, you can get a free mp3 of their track “Clips,” which was inspired by Michael Jackson. Expect to hear great things about this band in the not-so-distant future.

See another picture and the set list after the jump.

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