Kings of Leon Vs. Glee

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Photo by G.

Caleb Followill and Geoffrey Dicker

Caleb Followill and G

I don’t even know how this has made the news, but it has.  The TV show “Glee” approached the band Kings of Leon to use their song “Use Somebody” in an episode of the show and the band declined the offer.  “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has gone so far as to call the band homophobic and has also called them assholes for not licensing the song.  Never once has Ryan Murphy thought “well, maybe our show sucks ass and that’s why Kings of Leon and Slash have refused to let us use their songs.”  I’ve met Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, and as you can see from the above picture, he was glad to take a photo with a gay fan.  Dear Glee, keep the drama and the thinly written story lines on the screen!  Love, G.

An Encounter with Caleb Followill

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Photo by G.

Caleb Followill (lead singer) Kings of Leon and G

On October 5, 2010, I was on my way to see a friend and literally steps from my destination, I ran right into Kings of Leon’s lead singer, Caleb Followill.  He was totally cool when I asked him to take a photo as you can see from above.  Kings of Leon’s new album “Come Around Sundown” is officially released in two weeks, but it’s apparently been making the rounds on line for several days.  Support the arts!  Thanks again Caleb, and I am quite sure that even if the record has leaked, you’ll have no problem selling concert tickets.

65,000 People Can’t Be Wrong?

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Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon taken at the All Points West Festival, August 2008

Kings of Leon announced a show at London’s Hyde Park for June 30, 2010, and when tickets went on sale this morning, it has been reported that 65, 000 tickets have sold out in seconds!  Wow!  Can 65,000 people be wrong?  I am one of the most open-minded people musically that you’ll ever encounter, and when I saw Kings of Leon live in 2008, I was excited to match the music with the name I kept hearing about.  Song after song, I was totally nonplussed.  I didn’t think their music was offensive; however, I felt that at best it was mediocre bar band music.  To make it worse, they opened for Radiohead, who blew them further into oblivion as far as I am concerned.  I’ve read interviews with lead singer Caleb Followill and it seems that he loves to brag about how drunk he can get whenever possible.  According2g, I don’t get Kings of Leon.  Can someone please enlighten me?

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