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Icona Pop

Icona Pop

I go to a lot of concerts.  Most “new” bands I go see are based on being open minded and interested to see if a ‘buzz band’ lives up to the hype.  More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised.  If you know me, you will know that I am VERY easy to please.  I want to be entertained.  I want the rocker to do their job and turn a complete stranger (me) into a fan after walking into the concert with little or no knowledge of their music in advance of seeing them right before my eyes.  That is not too much to ask for.  My track record for this formula has resulted on me falling on the ‘love’ side so much more than the ‘dislike’ side, but  occasionally I make a huge error in judgment.  Before you call me a hater for the sake of hating, please send me a list of the concerts you’ve been to in the last 5 years and if it is not more than several hundred a year like I’ve been to, I am discrediting your opinion.  With that being said, I saw Swedish duo Icona Pop at an allegedly sold out show at New York’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on September 25, 2013.  There were scalpers for days outside the venue, unable to unload their tickets and inside the venue, there was ample room to move around, which is not the norm when a show is actually sold out.

Typically when I dislike a show as much as I disliked Icona Pop, I tend not to waste my time and energy by writing a shitty review.  But I just feel like I need to warn you, dear readers, not to waste your money with this band.  First off, calling Icona Pop a ‘band’ is a huge stretch.  Performing to backing tracks, I was not entirely sure if they were singing live, however, hearing their voices crack several times, throughout their paltry hour long set, I am sure the microphones were at least turned on occasionally.

Aino Jawo (on the right in the above picture) pretended to play guitar (it wasn’t plugged into anything) and Caroline Hjelt (on the left in the above picture) pretended to play keyboards while flashing lights did their best to distract the audience from the fact that they paid $25 (plus service fees) to hear their 2 minute mega-hit “I Love It,” which was smartly and obviously the last song of the night.  It looked like people tried to be into the show at first, but once the audience realized that Icona Pop have one good song (and they didn’t even write it), the crowd looked bored and everyone resumed texting instead of watching the show.

The crowd got thinner and thinner as the night wore on because it became apparent early on that “I Love It” would be saved for last and their music was not good enough to satisfy the crowd.  I will say that the lighting was nice and it certainly was a good distraction from focusing on how bad Icona Pop’s music is, but you can see cool lighting on your computer screen and not waste your time trekking out to Brooklyn on a week night to do so!  There were a few botched attempts at crowd sing-a-longs when the audience didn’t appear to get the words right or in time, but it matched the numerous times Icona Pop screwed up the lyrics of their own songs too.  Throughout the whole show, the crowd all but shouted out “One Hit Wonder” after each song, but for those that were left, when they finally got around to playing “I Love It,” the crowd finally came alive.  Unfortunately, it was too little, too late.

Sadly, I felt the merch table was the best part of the show, but I just didn’t envision myself forking out $25 on a shirt that says “I Love It,” when in actuality, I loathed it.  When Icona Flop Pop comes to your town, on what will possibly be the new group’s farewell tour, do yourself a favor and skip it!

Icona Pop - The Merch

Icona Pop – The Merch

The setlist was:

We Got the World /In the Stars / Then We Kiss /Good for You / Girlfriend /New Song /Manners /On the Road Again /Top Rated /Weekend /All Night

Encore: Just Another Night / I Love It

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