“Layers of Life” by Tali Lennox at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Tali Lennox.

"Layers of Life" by Tali Lennox

“Layers of Life” by Tali Lennox

Prior to her exhibit “Layers of Life” at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in New York (which opens to the public on March 20, 2015), artist Tali Lennox already has an impressive resume.  In her early 20s, Tali Lennox has had a successful modeling career and she’s also the daughter of one of my favorite singers of all time, Annie Lennox of Eurythmics.  Don’t let those impressive credentials fool you into thinking her art is a vanity project that is only made possible because of her fame.

Layers of Life by Tali Lennox

Layers of Life by Tali Lennox

In “Layers of Life,” Tali Lennox reacts to the social media generation by creating a series of ‘selfies,’ but instead of hiding behind a computer to express herself as so many of us do, Tali has used paint and canvas as the medium.  To be so young and to be such a deep thinker is very impressive and this is expressed perfectly in her work.

Layers of Life by Tali Lennox

Layers of Life by Tali Lennox

Like with things we post online, we can only judge what we see in that moment and what happens before and after is a mystery.  It would be fascinating to hear mother and daughter discuss their thoughts on this topic in relation to the iconic images they’ve been a part of.  And if Tali or Annie are reading this, I volunteer to conduct said discussion.

Tali Lennox poses in front of her work at the "Layers of Life" opening.

Tali Lennox poses in front of her work at the “Layers of Life” opening.

I spoke with Tali at the opening night reception for “Layers of Life” and she was kind enough to pose in front of one of her works.  She was embodying the emotion in her painting, hence her covering up her absolutely gorgeous face.  You can see exactly what I mean after the jump.

Congratulations to Tali Lennox on a great exhibit and I have no doubt that we will be hearing her name a lot in the years to come.

“Layers of Life” by Tali Lennox is showing at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, located at 66 Grand Street in New York, through April 19, 2015.

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