The Anti-Facebook?

Posted by The G on February 22, 2010 under The G Spot | 4 Comments to Read

Have y’all heard of Chatroulette?

If you haven’t, it’s a site where you enable your webcam, go to the site and randomly chat with other people that are also on their webcams.  If you don’t like the person that shows up when you start chatting, just click the shuffle button and someone new will appear.

Sounds interesting and frightening all at the same time.

Do you use the site?  Tell us about it.

Update:  I tested it out… It’s definitely not for the squeamish, but totally amusing!

Update 2:  My friend (who shall not be named) sent me a parody Chatroulette site that might be better than the real thing.  Some of the images might not be safe for closed-minded people so use caution when proceeding.  And click here for that link.

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