An Encounter with Samantha Fox

Posted by The G on November 7, 2013 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo taken by a complete stranger.

Samantha Fox and Geoffrey Dicker

Samantha Fox and Geoffrey Dicker

S-s-s-Samantha Fox!  It was a new experience for me to attend the famous Chiller Convention and it was another new experience for me to PAY to meet a celebrity.  I’ve loved Samantha Fox for years and since she rarely comes around to play shows, this was a now or never sort of chance.  After hopping in a friend’s car and driving to Parsippany, New Jersey (no clue where that is and all I know is that I never want to go there again), which was about an hour drive out of Manhattan, we blasted Samantha Fox tunes all the way down the interstate.  The convention itself was like a petting zoo that instead of having animals, had B through F list celebs sitting at tables charging people to interact with them.  There are a la carte items for sale including 8×10 glossy photos, signatures and taking photos with your favorite stars of yester-year.  With that being said, I forked over some cash and had a complete stranger take my photo with Samantha Fox.  I’m sure that in another situation, Samantha would be super nice because during this paid meet and greet, she was VERY nice.  We talked briefly and in the photo, she touched me (not sure if she wanted my body) and even kissed me on the cheek afterwards.  While paying to have this kind of experience is not something I hope to repeat very often, it was totally worth it to meet Samantha Fox!  Thanks Samantha!!

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