RIP Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre

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The Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre on Sunset and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles

The end of an era!  The Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre on Sunset and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles has closed its doors as of 11/29/11.  It was a lucky coincidence that I happened to go to the movies there on its final day (to see the new Almodovar movie).  I have seen so many films at the Sunset 5, I’ll really miss the theatre.  It will become a Sundance Theatre in the not so distant future.  RIP Sunset 5.  Thanks for the memories.

Limelight Marketplace, RIP

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Limelight Marketplace

Limelight Marketplace 2010-2011

The Limelight in New York was a club where so many wild times and so many drugs have been consumed.  The club officially went into permanent rehab and closed its doors several years ago.  Disgustingly, it became the Limelight Marketplace, a high end shopping mall in 2010.  Most people’s K-Holes lasted longer than the Limelight Marketplace and less than 1 year after opening, it has suffered a fatal overdose.  It will apparently become a Barney’s New York.  Just what the city needs – more overpriced clothing.  I’m not sure what kind of crack these people are smoking, but when you put a shopping center in the site of a former club, you shouldn’t expect much.

Empire Diner 1974-2010

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the Empire Diner on 23rd Street and 10th Avenue. RIP.

New Yorkers!  If you want to have one final meal at the legendary Empire Diner, you’d better head over to 23rd Street and 10th Avenue as its final day of operation is on May 16, 2010.  I paid my last respects tonight with a delicious hamburger and their legendary fries.  The diner is being taken over by some trendy coffee shop (literally called Coffee Shop).  How unoriginal.  It’s a very sad day as a piece of New York history is changing hands.  I’ve enjoyed many great meals there and I am very sad to see this place close, but as the old expression goes, all good things never last.  RIP Empire Diner.

Virgin Megastore’s Sad Last Days

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RIP Virgin Megastore

RIP Virgin Megastore

This weekend is the final 3 days before the last remaining Virgin Megastore in New York’s Union Square closes its doors forever.  Sure their prices are up to 80% off, but the good stuff is long gone. It is like visiting a terminally ill person, where you really want to do something to help, but it’s too late. The closing of Virgin symbolizes the passing of the torch from physical goods to digital media.  A very sad day for music lovers, but when when door closes another one opens.  I, for one will really miss you Virgin Megastore.  Your stores worldwide have provided me hours of pleasure, discovering new music, in store events, a bargain or 2 and lots of smiles.  May you rest in peace!

This space will no longer be a Virgin in 3 days

This space will no longer be a Virgin in 3 days

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