Must Have Box Set: Leonard Cohen Complete Studio Album Collection

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Leonard Cohen - The Complete Studio Albums Collection. Available October 25, 2011


If you don’t know the music and words of Leonard Cohen, you are doing your ears and your mind a great disservice.  The Leonard Cohen concert experience ranks among the best shows I’ve ever seen as people of all ages are frequently moved to tears with Cohen’s poetry.  My first known exposure to Leonard Cohen was in 1995 when the tribute album “Tower of Song” was released.  It featured many of my favorite singers such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Don Henley, Peter Gabriel, Bono and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode singing Cohen’s songs.  A year later, Jeff Buckley covered Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” and Leonard Cohen’s music was introduced to a new generation.  Sony’s Legacy Division is releasing yet another must have box set today:  Leonard Cohen: The Complete Studio Album collection.  It includes all 17 albums he’s released for Columbia including several live albums (full list is below).  I highly recommend this set as you’ll be hard pressed to find lyrics that are as poetic.  If you think this box set is too overwhelming, you may want to start with the double album “the Essential Leonard Cohen” and work your way up from there.  After you hear songs such as “I’m Your Man,” “Suzanne,” “Coming Back To You,” “Bird on a Wire,” “the Future,” “Tower of Song” and the list goes on, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the brilliance that is Leonard Cohen.

Albums included in “The Complete Studio Album Collection” are:

Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)

Songs From a Room (1969)

Songs of Love and Hate (1971)

Live Songs (1973)

New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974)

Death of a Ladies Man (1977)

Recent Songs (1979)

Various Positions (1985)

I’m Your Man (1988)

The Future (1992)

Cohen Live (1994)

Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979 (2001)

Ten New Songs (2001)

Dear Heather (2004)

Live In London (2009)

Songs From the Road (2010)

Live at the Isle of Wight (2011)

“Con Artist”: The G Review

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Con Artist

Con Artist. Out Now on DVD!

 If you love art and fascinating people, you need to see “Con Artist” immediately.  “Con Artist” is the story of artist Mark Kostabi.  The film traces his roots growing up in Whitter, California to his jet setting life of present day where he resides in New York and Rome.  “Con Artist” is a fascinating portrait of a fascinating man.  Mark Kostabi rose to the top of the art world in the 80s on his own terms by doing something so many successful people fail to do – tell the truth.  Kostabi exposed the truth about the phoniness of the art world by admitting that he often only served as a creative director to the works he sold for large sums of money and sometimes he had nothing to do with them – as so many artists do but refuse to discuss.  He gained fame and success but he lost it all because there’s one thing people do not like to hear even though they claim they want to hear it – the truth.  The truth hurts and Kostabi was not afraid to speak up and expose it.

But that’s just one layer of Mark Kostabi.  Along the way, he’s tried his hand in everything from sculpture to composing music to being a game show host (where contestants can title his paintings for a cash prize)!   He’s also appeared on countless TV shows, shown his art all over the world and met the world’s elite from Andy Warhol to the Pope.  Some people love him.  Some people hate him.  Some people say he’s the nicest guy on the planet.  Others say he’s the devil incarnate.   Is the entire movie a hoax?  That’s up to you to decide.  One thing is for sure, Mark Kostabi leaves no gray area about what side of the fence he stands on and that’s too much for most people to handle.  I think it’s fantastic!  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with Mark Kostabi and after meeting thousands of famous people in my life, I think he’s one of the most interesting (and nicest) people I’ve ever met.  Form your opinion. “Con Artist” is available on as well as Netflix.

It Socks To Be Lonely

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It Socks To Be lonely

It Socks To Be lonely

In memory of socks that have lost a buddy.

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