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Come Along With Me

Verse 1:

There’s nothing I can do to turn daggers into smiles

I’ll be damned if you are going to make me walk 1000 miles

I’m about to give up on the game

Disguised as your friend, but it’s all just the same


Come along with me and let’s destroy our demons

They are there with black swans and hallucinations

Upside down the world has flipped

Come along with me, it’s all part of the trip

Verse 2:

It’s up to you to kill or be killed

I didn’t create these rules and I’m not saying you did

In time you’ll learn it’s us against them

Then you’ll see I was your only friend

Chorus repeats…


Death and fire

Let’s get higher

Death and fire

Let’s get higher

Verse 3:

You don’t have to be the best

You just have to be better than the rest

Take action or you might as well die

Block out the critics, it’s just you and I

Chorus repeats…

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