Welcome Out – Matt Bomer

Posted by The G on February 14, 2012 under GNN | Read the First Comment

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Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

One of the hottest men on the planet Matt Bomer has acknowledged his male partner in a recent public speech, so the press is using this opportunity to announce his sexuality to the planet.  Coming out of the closet is such a strange phenomenon because so many gay people fear that moment more than any other in their life and once the moment happens, most people’s lives ease up.  There are always different circumstances of course, but one of the best things about coming out, I found was that I had finally reached a point in my life where it was less about my sexual preference and more about saying to the world – if you don’t give me the exact amount of love you’d give a straight person, you can GO FUCK YOURSELF!  There is nothing wrong with me being myself and not hiding my honest desires and if you think otherwise, something is wrong with YOU!  I say this not to go off on another one of my rants, but in the off chance that any of my readers can benefit from this knowledge.  As Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys says, “you’ve gotta throw those skeletons out of your closet and come outside.”  Welcome to our little soiree’ Matt!  🙂

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