Video: “I Saw the Dead” live by Villagers

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HD Video by G.

When I saw Villagers at Mercury Lounge on November 3, 2010, I was very close to the stage, as you will see when this video opens.  Lead singer Conor O’Brien was adjusting the monitors so he could hear himself a little better and you’ll see an extreme closeup.  And now enjoy “I Saw The Dead” live by Villagers.

Villagers live at Mercury Lounge

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Conor O'Brien of Villagers

On November 3, 2010, Irish folk-rock band Villagers played at the Mercury Lounge in New York.  Though they were on the short list of nominees for the Mercury Prize in the UK, this was my first exposure to their music.  Lead singer Conor O’Brien has a very strong voice and he proved it by singing with the band, performing acoustically as well as singing a capella.  Most songs were pretty mellow, but the band showed they know how to rock.  You could say their sound is a bit of Leonard Cohen meets U2, so if that’s your thing, you’ll love this band.  Conor O’Brien mentioned that this was the first time Villagers have played together as a band in New York so the night was extra special.  As each song got thunderous applause from the crowd, Conor asked “is everyone here from Ireland?” He also stopped in the middle of a song to explain his double entendre of the word “queue” / “cue” and explained that “queue” is ‘standing in line’ as Americans don’t use that expression too often.  A video from this performance will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


I met lead singer Conor O’Brien after the show and though he was extremely nice, when I asked for a photo, he put his head down.  I attempted to explain that we should probably do a retake, but he gave me the “don’t press your luck” look, so I left it alone.  See a picture of that as well as the set list after a word from your local sponsor (or just click “read more of this article.”)

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