Lawsuit Waiting To Happen: Zappos Steals from Artist Erica Simone

Posted by The G on July 29, 2011 under GNN | 15 Comments to Read

Photos by Erica Simone and Zappos (respectively).

Photo of Erica Simone from the exhibit "Nue York: Portrait of a Bare Urban Citizen"

Does anyone fact check anymore?!  The above photo is of Erica Simone from her exhibit “Nue York: Portrait of a Bare Urban Citizen,” which showed in New York in April 2011.  Erica Simone photographed herself in various scenarios that New Yorkers find themselves in on a daily basis, but she added a unique twist – she appeared completely naked in the pictures.  The idea was genius and it’s not a surprise that the exhibit received international media coverage and the photos made a huge splash in the art world.

The idea was so brilliant in fact, that Zappos, the online shoe and apparel shop, decided to blatantly rip off the image and concept for a new ad campaign.  One of the photos is included below.

July 2011 Zappos Ad

I am not a lawyer, but I smell a lawsuit.

What are your thoughts?  To me, this seems like a no-brainer.  Spread the word and boycott Zappos until they right the wrong.  Earlier this year, Urban Outfitters stole a logo from street artist Cali Killa and decided to sell that image on T-shirts and within 48 hours of my readers spreading the word, Urban Outfitters removed the product from their stores and website.

Unfortunately, I have to call on you for your help again, but we cannot let Zappos get away with this!!!  Let’s all contact Zappos CEO Tony Hseih, post this on our favorite social media sites and tweet this link directly to @zappos to express our discontent!  We will be victorious!!!


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