Danni Rash is Dope

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Photos by G (except where noted). Art by Danni Rash.

cruciFiction by Danni Rash

cruciFiction by Danni Rash

New York!  Drop what you are doing immediately and head over to the Fountain Art Fair located at Pier 66 (at 26th Street and 12th Avenue).  The fair runs from March 3 – 6, 2011 and you’ll see a lot of great art.  One of the highlights for me was discovering the work of New York based artist Danni Rash.  The above piece “cruciFiction” was already one of my favorite works in the fair on my first run through the show.  On my second pass, I discovered that “cruciFiction” is actually a performance piece.  Artist Danni Rash performs the piece completely naked save for a Santa hat!  Making this even more impressive (aside from his great body and nice package) was the fact that the art fair takes place on a pier and it’s just above freezing today!  Respect!

Danni Rash and I chatted for quite awhile, and despite the fact that he was naked and my eyes kept wandering, we had a really interesting conversation.  We spoke about living in LA and New York (something we have in common).  He told me about losing his inhibitions for performing nude (assisted by Mr. Jim Beam). Danni Rash performed a similar installation (but with underwear on) in the middle of Times Square in the midst of the chaos of a bomb scare in 2010! Genius!!!  When I asked if I could photograph him naked, instead of refusing or being squeamish, he made me promise to e-mail him the link to the story!  See a NSFCMP (not safe for closed minded people) photo of Danni Rash after the jump.  As my faithful readers know very well, I am never one to pass up a great opportunity and I took a photo with Danni Rash as well. Thanks again Danni and the link is coming soon!

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