An Encounter with Cynthia Rowley

Posted by The G on December 7, 2010 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Cynthia Rowley and G

Recently I met American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.  She was on hand for a really cool performance/art installation that consisted of many rooms.  In the first room, there were a bunch of Cynthia Rowley designed outfits.  The next room was filled with supermodels wearing the outfits.  You followed the models into the next room where they stood in a tiny space, put goggles on and had someone standing above them pour paint all over their heads!

After the models washed the paint from their hair, they were photographed in the outfits and they repeated the process. The clothes were then all one of a kind Cynthia Rowley’s!  Genius!

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