Dabs Myla and Craola Downtown LA Murals

Posted by The G on May 31, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photos by G.  Art by Dabs Myla/Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla.

Craola and Dabs Myla Mural

Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla Mural

I was very excited to see a mural by Greg Craola Simkins and Dabs Myla in Downtown Los Angeles (at 7th and Mateo).  Perhaps not new to the city, but since I live in New York and don’t make it out this way too often, it was new to me!  Located nearby is another mural from Dabs Myla.

Dabs Myla

Dabs Myla

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