Exclusive Live Videos from Disclosure, Young Empires, Borns and Blur

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Photo and all HD videos by G.




Need a fix of some world exclusive live videos?  I’m here to help!  This post has SIX world exclusive videos just for you and the post below has an additional six.  Who loves ya baby?  G does!

Let’s kick things off with UK dance duo Disclosure performing “Jaded” at Madison Square Garden on October 25, 2015.

While we are in the dancing mood, check out Canada’s Haute Rock band Young Empires, performing “Sunshine” at Mercury Lounge on October 17, 2015.

Next up, is the newcomer Borns, who has a T. Rex meets MGMT vibe. He covered two classic songs recently, and I present them both to you: Here’s Borns taking on “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John!

Borns, also covered “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie!

Finally, a pair of tracks from Blur’s first Madison Square Garden headlining show. Damon Albarn commented that it only took them 25 years to get there, but as you will see, it was worth the wait.

The first track is a Blur rarity, “Country Sad Ballad Man,” which has not been performed live in 20 years!

Last but not least is a song you all know and love – “Song 2!” WHOO HOO!!!!

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Cherish Bowie

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Cherish Bowie

Cherish Bowie

Saw this mash-up of Desire Obtain Cherish and David Bowie’s new album poster in Los Angeles recently.  Cherish Bowie!

More David Bowie “The Next Day” Teaser Posters

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David Bowie - The Next Day Posters

David Bowie – The Next Day Posters

In anticipation for David Bowie’s first album in ten years, more teaser posters for “The Next Day” are up in New York.  The one in the bottom right corner features lyrics for the entire record.  Pretty cool.  The album is now streaming and the last teaser is the question everyone wants to know – will David Bowie tour for this record?  I hope the answer is YES!

David Bowie - The Next Day.  Our March 12, 2013

David Bowie – The Next Day. Our March 12, 2013


David Bowie’s “The Next Day” Teaser Posters Hit New York

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The Next Day by David Bowie

The Next Day by David Bowie

It’s true!  David Bowie has come out of retirement and is releasing a new album entitled “The Next Day” on March 12, 2013.  The album cover, which is quite possibly the worst album cover I’ve ever seen, has 4 counterparts in teaser posters that are now being blasted all over New York City.  What do you think of the art work?  Let’s just focus on the important things – Bowie is back and if there’s a god, he will tour!  🙂

David Bowie Is Back!

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David Bowie

David Bowie

To celebrate David Bowie’s 66th birthday, the rock god has given the world a present!  He’s announced a new single and new album, his first in 10 years.

The album is entitled “The Next Day” and is set for release in March 2013.

The tracklist (via every website on the planet) is:

‘The Next Day’
‘Dirty Boys’
‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’
‘Love Is Lost’
‘Where Are We Now?’
‘Valentine’s Day’
‘If You Can See Me’
‘I’d Rather Be High’
‘Boss Of Me’
‘Dancing Out In Space’
‘How Does The Grass Grow’
‘(You Will) Set The World On Fire’
‘You Feel So Lonely You Could Die’

Deluxe Version bonus tracks

‘So She’
‘I’ll Take You There’

Welcome back David and I hope all the people that have negatively posted about his health are enjoying their shitburger today!

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